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    Hand-Controlled UFO Drone

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    This UFO Drone has numerous features that make flying it simple for novices. It has a fully automated takeoff and landing, six different flight modes that can be changed at any time during the flight, a 360-degree flip function, and a headless mode option to avoid collisions. An altitude holds feature, so you don't have to fear losing your way back home in the air or missing takeoff because you're too low on the ground.

    Hand Control UFO Drone for Kids is equipped with modern LED infrared sensor hover technology, induction suspension, and collision safety. Built-in gyroscopes control balance precision and sensitivity. Toss the UFO Mini Drone into the air, and it will take off immediately.

    This UFO Drone's 360¬į spin and LED light make it a blast to watch fly!

    This UFO Drone is composed of high-quality, non-toxic PP material that is exceptionally flexible, impact-resistant, long-lasting, and resistant to harm when dropped. It will intelligently move away when a solid object is recognized.

    This UFO Drone is one of the best hand-controlled drones. The most astounding characteristic of the flying item is that it may fly in the other direction when your hand is near it. You can move your hands in the air and play interactive games, which is fantastic and fun!

    Playing with this toy can help improve:

    ūüöĬ†Visual-spacial intelligence
    ūüöĬ†Creativity and Imagination
    ūüöĬ†Problem-solving skills
    ūüöĬ†Scientific curiosity

    hand controlled flight path

    Throw To Start, Invert To Stop

    You just need to gently throw the drone into the air and watch it fly right away.

    The mini-drone uses advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, inductive suspension, and collision protection. The built-in gyroscopes control accuracy and sensitivity for balance.



    Package Includes

    USB Cable



    Controller Battery Life

    250 mAH

    Flight Times

    10 to 20 Minutes

    Throw it for flight control

    When you're done playing with the drone, simply catch it and flip it to stop it. It's that easy.

    Invert to stop flight

    100% Safe For Ages 4 And Up

    This miniature drone was built especially for children. The outer cage is built with high-quality non-toxic PP material making the inner fans untouchable. The toy is completely safe for children age 4+.

    safe for children

    360¬į Sensor-Guided Hover Drone

    This¬†rechargeable drone¬†auto rotates to detect obstacles. The¬†miniature drone¬†has four power motors that rotate quickly and provide power to fly 360¬į.

    There is always a high hover flight to a certain degree during the flight. All you need to do is catch it and flip it to stop it from flying.

    Side induction

    Infrared induction altitude control

    Hand-Controlled - No Remote Control Or Apps Needed!

    Launch the drone without any remote control!

    The most amazing feature of the Air Time mini drone is that when your hand is close, it flies in the opposite direction. Interact and control the drone with your hand gestures in the air!

    no remote control needed

    Strong And Durable Body

    This induction levitation drone is made of high-quality non-toxic PP material, including the propeller guards. It is very flexible, has strong impact resistance, to prevent damage when falling.

    When a solid object is detected, the mini-drone will move away intelligently.

    flexible propeller guards, durable build
    Strong and durable stunt drone

    LED Lights For A Mystical Experience At Night!

    The interactive aircraft has blue and green LED lights. The drone glows bright and colorful while flying. 

    LED light in the drone

    Recharge With USB

    Simply connect it to the USB connector for 30 minutes to fully charge.

    USB charging

    How To Play With Your UFO Mini Drone

    1. Press and hold the black ON/OFF switch button at the bottom for two seconds until the top light starts flashing.
    2. Then press the switch to select speed - the green led lights show for normal and blue led lights appear for high.
    3. Throw it upward gently and release, the mini quadcopter will take off automatically.
    4. Control the flight path direction just by closing your hand in toward the aircraft.
    5. Control the height by approaching the bottom or the top of the aircraft with your hand. The altitude hold mechanism will maintain the position.
    6. Grab and flip it over to stop flying.
    7. The drone battery is low voltage when the red indicator light blinks. The UFO aircraft will land automatically.

    Playing with the drone


    • Certification:¬†3C
    • Charging Voltage:¬†3.7V
    • Flight Time:¬†10-20 Minutes
    • Controller Battery Life:¬†250mAH
    • Package Includes:¬†USB Cable
    • Charging Time:¬†30 minutes


    Features of UFO Drone:

    Hand-Operated Drone For Kids:

    UFO drones are entertaining for children. They're simple to fly and have a lovely, sleek design that makes them appear more like a toy than genuine aircraft. This hand-controlled drone has four propellers and may be operated by hand or with your mobile device. This small device will appeal to youngsters, and adults will also find it calming.

    Offers Easy Control Via Hand Gestures:

    With this fantastic drone, you can let your ideas soar. It's outfitted with cutting-edge technology to ensure you receive crystal-clear footage of what's in front of you, even if it's far away. With hand gestures, anybody can operate the UFO Drone without touching a controller or remote!

    USB Rechargeable For 5-8 Minutes Of Flying Time On A 40-Minute Charge:

    UFO Drone is a high-performance, user-friendly quadcopter drone that can be charged with any PC or laptop. The UFO produces seamless footage at 720p HD/30fps with headless mode, so you're not limited by screen orientation.

     It has LED lamps for night flights and an anti-collision system. The UFO has three built-in speed modes: low (8km), medium (14km), and high (21km). This will work if you want fun flying about your lawn without worrying about colliding with anything essential!

    Protective Mesh Barrier Keeps Propellers Away From Little Fingers:

    This drone's protective mesh barrier keeps propellers away from little fingers. This fantastic feature decreases the chance of damage when flying and assures your children can enjoy their new toy safely without getting hurt!


    High-Teck Ufo Drone With Sensitive Sensor Probe, Avoid Obstacles Automatically:

    This incredible hand-operated drone will improve children's motion and spatial awareness. The UFO Drone will capture your child's interest and keep them away from games and television. Make them start moving and playing.

    It is also appropriate for numerous children or adults to play together. It is a fun gravity-defying hover drone for boys, girls, tweens, teenagers, adults, and children. Anyone can control it.

    Upgraded Motor Core And Magical Charging Cable:

    The UFO drone's motor features high-quality motor cores, which makes the drone more stable in flight. The hand-driven drone comes with a magnetic suction streamlined quick charging cable, which allows it to charge faster.

    At night, it will transform into a magnificent blue water Flowing line, as though energy is constantly being given to the UFO drone, making your youngsters enjoy the hand-operated drone even more.

    Good Safety And Anti-Collision Ability For The Fun Ufo Interactive Aircraft:

    The drone is a gravity-defying hover drone that is a lot of fun. The mesh construction of this UFO Drone successfully prevents children's fingers from accidentally impacting the drone's propeller. At the same time, the drone is built of non-toxic ABS material that is anti-drop and anti-collision.

    Perfect Gifts For Boys, Girls, And Adults With Assured Quality:

    You may give the drone to your family and children as a present. They will be fascinated by this Hand Operated Drone. We are convinced that your family and friends will enjoy using our UFO hand-controlled drones.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do you start a hand drone?

    Push the right stick vertically up and to the right while keeping the drone looking away from you. This will activate both pitch and roll at the same time, causing the drone to fly in a circle to the right. After a few feet, begin spinning the right stick to the right to engage additional roll.

    How do you turn on a hand drone?

    To turn off the drone, press and hold the power button for 1 to 2 seconds. The green LED will go off. Please turn on the drone and hold it in your hand, then stretch your hand forward and release it to begin flying.

    How do you flip a scoot drone?

    Please put your hands on both ends of this flying ball drone, and as the lights begin to flicker quickly, swipe your hand under it to witness the LED Scoot execute a 360¬į flip!

    How do hand-controlled drones work?

    Hand-controlled drones fly by using motion sensors, and drone "pilots" use their hands to control which way these sensor drones fly - no remote control is required!

    How long does a UFO drone take to charge?

    To completely charge, connect it to a USB port for 60 minutes.


    Package Includes

    1. UFO Drone
    2. USB Charging Cable


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