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    Silver Mirror Marker

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    Want to enhance your presents and make them shiny?

    This amazing Silver Mirror Marker features reflective ink, adding silver shine to your items!

    Silver mirror markers operate on practically all surfaces. However, they should be tested before use. The mirror effect is most visible on smooth, nonabsorbent surfaces. Before painting, oily coatings on the surfaces must be removed. If you're looking for some radiance in your life, go no further than this silver mirror marker. They'd be helpful on the streets and in your black books.

    Sliver Mirror Marker may give your work an outstanding mirror appearance! This beautiful silver mark adds a dazzling silver accent to your project using reflecting ink. Because it is loaded with a particular silver ink with high pigment content, practically all smooth surfaces (such as plastic, glass, wood, and rubber) may exhibit an unmatched mirror image.

    The ink is alcoholic, long-lasting, and resistant to UV radiation, scratches, and abrasion. On practically all flat surfaces, this highly pigmented alcohol label may provide a high gloss and actual mirror appearance (such as plastic and glass). Ink has an ingenious valve design that allows it to flow freely without stopping, leaking, or seeping. It is appropriate for all smooth and non-slip surfaces, including plastic, glass, metal, clay, foam, and paper.

    Its high pigment composition is scratch, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant. This silver ink may also be used to make spray gun paint. A spray pistol can be used to spray delicate colors. This metallic color stands out against almost any backdrop color. Once dried, your markings become permanent and water-resistant, guaranteeing that your work will last.

    Silver Mirror Marker

     Main Features

    ♦【Mirror Chrome Finish】
    This marker with alcohol-based, highly pigmented special ink creates permanently a high-gloss real mirror and highly opaque effect which can never be achieved by a normal marker.

    ♦ 【Smooth Flow】
    Designed with an innovative valve, the Ink flows smoothly with no stops, leaks, or bleeding.

    Mirror Marker pen

    ♦【Permanent-Last Ink】
    Its highly pigmented formula is scratch-proof, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant.

    Silver mirror pen Reviews

    ♦【High-covering For Any Smooth Surfaces】
    Premium pigment paint in an easy-to-handle marker works on almost every surface, both indoors and outdoors like plastic, glass, metal, clay, foam, paper, and more.

    Silver Mirror Marker

    ♦【Various Sizes】
    Available in 3 pen tip sizes: 7 mm, 1.0 mm, 3.0 mm to satisfy all your creative needs.




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    PP Plastic


    Liquid Silver Marker:

    It is filled with a highly pigmented, special silver ink that renders an unmatched mirror finish on nearly all smooth surfaces, such as plastic, glass, wood, and rubber.

    Smooth Flow:

    High gloss effects can be created on most surfaces and applied to smooth surfaces for a mirror-like effect. Designed with an innovative valve, the ink flows smoothly with no stops, leaks, or bleeding.

    Long-lasting Ink:

    It is alcohol-based, permanent, and resistant to UV light, scratches, and abrasions. Hardly scratch and abrasion-resistant.

    Various Size:

    It is available in 3 Pen Tip Sizes: 0.7 mm, 1.0 mm, and 3.0 mm to satisfy all your creative needs.

    Wide Application:

    It can be used in a variety of surfaces, water products, metal, cardboard, paper, canvas, clay, foam, clay, artificial fiber, plastic material, stone, gypsum, concrete, paper, crafts, etc., perfect for arts and crafts, DIY projects, scrapbooks, gift card marking, journals, calendar, planners, coloring books and more.


    • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
    • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.
    • Pay attention to personal safety when using. Prevent children from putting it into their mouth.

    Do Silver mirror markers work?

    Silver mirror markers work on nearly all surfaces. However, it is recommended to test them before application. The mirror effect can be best seen on smooth, nonabsorbent surfaces. Before painting, it is necessary to remove greasy films from the surfaces.

    Is liquid silver ink permanent?

    With its incredible mirror effect, this LIQUID silver ink is an opaque and permanent high-gloss metallic chrome-colored ink. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on various surfaces, this ink is highly UV-resistant and quick to dry.


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