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    Remote Control Quadcopter Drone

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    Make Use Of This Drone To Capture Every Moment!

    Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present for your child? 

    Are you looking for a camera drone with a 4K lens that will allow you to record your special moments in high-quality photos? Or are you looking for an FPV drone that lets you see a bird's eye in real-time in a crisp recording? Then this incredible Remote Control Quadcopter Drone is ideal for you!

    This portable Drone has a sturdy and easy-to-carry construction and a strong LED Light quadcopter packed with impressive, intelligent capabilities for your smart way of life. This Drone is designed to make an impact, keep you entertained, and take your enjoyment to the next level!

    Drones have become the craze for good reason: they're just amazing! Especially for children. Remote Control Quadcopter Drone is ideal for exploring your house, backyard, or workplace. It provides hours of entertainment for children.

    Our Remote Control Quadcopter Drone is a very stable little drone with basic functions that will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family or group of friends. It's an excellent present for youngsters and drone newbies because it's easy to use and has a durable build with safety barriers to prevent crashes.

    Look no further! Our Remote Control Quadcopter Drone is an incredibly stable mini drone with basic features that will be a lot of fun for the entire family or group of friends. It's a great gift for children and drone beginners because it's simple to control and has a sturdy design with protective guards for crashing resistance.

    • Designed for Kids and Beginners, just press a button to take it off or land it easily.
    • Full protect frame can protect the propeller, more durable
    • With FPV transmission, you can see the amazing view of a live video feed via a smartphone app. And this one is many special app features.
    • With FPV transmission, you can see the amazing view of a live video feed via a smartphone app. And this one is many special app features.
    • This RC Drone is equipped with 1800mAh large capacity modular battery, can be used for 12-15 minutes after a full charge, easy to replace.


    • Item Size: 27*27*10cm (with frame)
    • Camera Resolution: None/480P/4K optional
    • Transmission System: 2.4G
    • Channels: 4CH 6-axis

    Battery Information:

    • Battery Type: Modular lithium battery
    • Battery Capacity: 3.7V 1800mAh
    • Use Time: about 12-15 minutes
    • Charging time: About 120 minutes

    Package Included:

    • 1x DRONE
    • 1x remote controller
    • 1x Drone battery
    • 4x Backup propellers
    • 4x Propeller frame
    • 1x Screwdriver
    • 1x Battery Charger


    Portable Design:


    This Drone's compact design makes it easy to maintain and transport when traveling. The Drone has foldable arms, is tiny in size, is easy to transport, and fits nicely in small pockets.

    Wifi Function:


    This Drone can connect to applications, and APK systems and record images, movies, and real-time transmission via smartphones thanks to its WiFi feature.

    Gps Return Home:


    Concerned about losing your Drone in the event of a sudden loss of power or signal? There is no reason to be concerned! It has an autopilot mode that allows the Drone to fly autonomously and return to its laid-back home position.

    App Control:


    Don't stick with the default controller. This Drone may be effortlessly controlled using the software on your smartphone. Many additional specific features are available in addition to this smart control system. The software is compatible with nearly all Android and iOS smartphones.

    1080p Real-Time Fpv:


    See the world through the eyes of a bird with the real-time broadcast of the Drone's first-person perspective. No more hazy FPVm since this quadcopter can transmit high-quality 1080p HD video, making the fly more interesting, especially when seen with VR goggles.

    Follow Me Mode:


    Set off fully hands-free with the automatic follow feature, which utilizes GPS or Global Positioning System. The Drone can follow you everywhere you go while flying at a constant height and distance away from you.

    4k Pixel HD Camera:


    Almost all drone pilots would benefit from this Drone's wide-angle camera, which is mounted with a 4K lens and adjustable to snap aerial images at precisely the correct angles.

    Altitude Holding:


    Another aspect that will make better the quality of your magnificent photos is the altitude hold. This approach will allow the Drone to maintain its height and position in the air so that you can capture photos or record videos without vague impressions due to an unbalanced flight.

    Waypoint Flight:


    Position your waypoints on the map earlier than the flight, and the Drone will automatically tag along this route without any physical control from the pilot. This autopilot mode is excellent for videographers recording videos at predestined spots. You can also again use the routes anytime you wish for.

    Multimedia Editor:


    The app includes a special feature, i.e., a real-time multimedia editor that allows you to edit your recorded videos and captured photos. You can even use filters and make it look like just the thing to be shared with your companions and family unit.

    One-Key Take-Off/Landing:


    Making the whole thing handy for pilots, the Mini RC Drone 4K can automatically carry out take-off or lands following a great flight with simply one push of a button. The controller is intended with a button that allows the pilot to fly or lands the Drone without much effort.

    Point Of Interest:


    Great for scouting, this Drone can set off on an autopilot flight while circling just about a specific spot as a location point. When this mode is turned on, you can lay down a spot from the map and the Drone.

    Long-Lasting Battery:


    No need to stop at what time the enjoyment is just starting. Outfitted with a 3.7V 650MAH Lipo battery, this remote-controlled quadcopter can last longer in flight compared to other normal drones. 

    Headless Mode:


    Just right for beginners, the control system of this Drone can easily be changed to headless mode. This feature lets the Drone fly as per the controller's directions. Hold its remote control and swing it in your favorite direction; at that moment, the Drone will fly accordingly.

    Powerful Flight:


    Specially made to last longer, this Drone can easily fly even against powerful winds. Its potent motor lets it gradually perform a secure flight amid its excellent wind resistance.

    Speed Control:


    Whether you want to record aerial footage or carry out a race against other drones, the Mini RC Drone 4K could acclimate to any of your events. With its adjustable speed, you can manage the Drone as per your chosen flight speed.

    Built-In Led Lights:


    Play with it anytime you feel like, even all through the night. Seeing that this Drone is outfitted with dazzling LED lights, you don't have to be anxious about losing the Drone out of your vision.


    • It is designed for Kids and Beginners; press a button to take it off or land it easily.
    • Its full protective frame can protect the propeller, making it more durable.
    • With FPV transmission, you can see the amazing view of a live video feed via a smartphone app. And this one is many special app features.
    • This RC Drone is equipped with a 1800mAh large-capacity modular battery, can be used for 12-15 minutes after a full charge, and is easy to replace.


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