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    RC Transformer Car

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    Every child desires to own a variety of automobiles and robot toys. This Christmas, why not buy your youngster this RC Transformer Car?

    The transformer RC Robot car is one of the most appealing transformer cars for children who enjoy luxury autos and racing cars. The robot's frame is made of ABS plastic. A shape-shift model automobile may transform from a sports car to a robot by pressing a button. Exciting engine/acceleration noises, lighting, and interactive phrases are among the highlights. A 2.4 GHz controller is provided, with toggles for forward/reverse, left/right, vehicle mode, and robot mode.

    This remote control transformer car is a great gift for kids who love cars! It is not only a toy to bring fun and joy to kids but also it is an enlightenment learning tool for kids to develop hands and brain coordination, logical thinking,creativity, linguistic ability and so on ability.

    The chassis is solid, the deformation car is more flexible in the performance and deformation; Flexible steering wheel, delicate and firm structure; The top and tail of the car are as rich as a fighter wing.

    This RC transformer vehicle may put you in a good mood while also reminding you of your pleasure as a youngster. This automobile is sturdy, has powerful engines, and is safe on all terrains, including rocks, sand, and grass. With a remotely controlled metamorphosis, one may play with the toy indefinitely. This amazing toy assortment is certain to provide hours of entertainment.


    Product Type

    Remote Control Car

    Main Material

    premium quality plastic




    540 gm



    One-Button Transform: 

     When you press the button on the remote control, it instantly turns from automobile to robot. It quickly converts back and forth and is truly fantastic.

    Durable And Rechargeable Battery:

    It comes with a fresh Nicad battery with a lengthy run duration. After a 2-hour charge, the morphing RC robot can run for 60 minutes. You may charge it using the included USB charger. It is more sturdy and long-lasting than other batteries.

    High-Speed Drifting:

    It has 5 smooth wheels and can complete 360° turning in both robot and automobile shapes.

    High-quality material: 

    It is constructed of ABS plastic, which is safe for children. To cope with various savage children's operations, the car body is made of ecologically friendly anti-fall material that is sturdy and resistant to falling.

    Real-World Racing Experience:

    It has its own powerful 2.4 GHz transmitter system. Multiple people can play at the same time. Children can be easier to handle when they are ready for a rapid and furious race with one another.


    The robot is built using an ABS plastic frame. A shape-shift model automobile may transform from a sports car to a robot by pressing a button.

    Other Features:

    Other features include thrilling engine/acceleration noises, lighting, and interactive phrases. A 2.4 GHz controller is provided, with toggles for forward/reverse, left/right, vehicle mode, and robot mode.


    • Shape-shifting the RC transformer robot can convert from a sports vehicle to a robot!
    • It is a robot automobile with amazing engine/acceleration noises, lights, and interactive phrases.
    • The 2.4 GHz controller offers forward/reverse, left/right, vehicle mode, and robot mode toggles.
    • Both the vehicle and robot modes have a 360-degree speed drifting motion. • It's a great present for kids aged 5 and above.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How does the transformer vehicle get charged?

    Please remove the battery from the car's bottom compartment and connect it to the USB cable to charge through a computer or USB charger. The charging time is anticipated to be 2 hours.

    How does an RC vehicle operate?

    When the RC toy receives radio signals, the motors start to perform a certain activity, and all functional elements, including the motor, receive electricity from the power source. The transmitter sends radio waves to control the motors, and the receiver activates them.

    Why is my RC vehicle moving so slowly?

    The battery pack may not be fully charged if your model seems sluggish when running. Check that the battery is fully charged. It's conceivable that the engine is unclean or damaged.

    Do larger tires help an RC vehicle go faster?

    Increasing tire size increases rotating mass and rolling resistance, requiring more power to propel the vehicle to the same speed. Again, larger tires may slow it down if your automobile lacks power.




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