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    Remote control speed boats are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of remote control vehicles. Everyone with access to water, from serious professional racers to enthusiasts, may enjoy a radio controlled boat for sale. The gearĀ available now is nothing like the old-fashioned models seen at amusement parks in the past, and the designs are incredibly streamlined, resulting in highly fast rc boats.

    This RC speed boat is electric and self-righting to keep the fun going for as long as possible, and it's simple to manage, making it suited for all levels of expertise. This is a fast boat with huge propellers that may be used for boat racing and other enjoyable activities. Although it is extremely fast, it is quite easy to manage, and even inexperienced drivers will be able to operate it with ease.

    Furthermore, it employs modern 2.4G frequency connection technology for greater remote distances. It may also be rotated 180 degrees for a more immersive experience. The boat is flying along at roughly 20km/h. You'll be astonished at how quick it is for such a little and affordable boat.

    • Provides hours of creative play for your child, promoting inventive skills
    • Vibrant colors encourage visual development
    • Boasts distinctive elements for a remarkable appeal


    • This RC model is not a toy and is not suited for children under the age of 14.
    • Before using, carefully read the instructions; if you are a beginner, it is best to have an experienced adult assist you.





    Charging time

    About 100min

    Remote control frequency



    USB cable

    Suitable age

    Above 14 years old



    Third Gear Speed Switching:

    High speed remote control speedboat, third gear speed switching, maximum speed of 20KM/H, three freely changeable speeds (the default medium speed). This rc boat is suitable for a variety of settings (pool, lake, pond) and age groups (Beginners, Kids, Teens, Adults).

    Rechargeable RC Boat with Long Battery Life:

    With a 1500mAh rechargeable high capacity battery, the remote control boat for boys can be operated continuously in the water for 30-40 minutes (other rc boats only 8-10 minutes) after being fully charged (2 hours).

    Cool Navigation LED Lights:

    The boat is outfitted with signal lights, each with its own significance. When playing this boat in low-light conditions, the blinking navigation light on the bow might help you find your way. Make more atmosphere and allow you to have more fantastic enjoyment!

    RC Boat for Adults and Children:

    The rc boat would only activate when placed in water, making it more safe and durable; cutting-edge head design to decrease water resistance, making sailing quicker and easier. This fast boat is outfitted with a 4-channel 2.4 GHz remote with a signal range of 100 metres. Support for numerous boats can be used at the same time.

    Great Water Toy Gifts & Nice Service:

    The length of the boat is 41.5CM/16.34in, a large size remote control boat for boys and girls ages 4-7 8-12 12+, a terrific water toy boat for pool & lake. A speed boat is a popular birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's gift for youngsters. There is lifetime technical support and after-sales service available.


    Radio Controlled Boat FAQs:

    What is the best RC boat to purchase?

    The Traxxas Spartan is our pick for the finest remote control boat in 2022. There is, however, no objective solution to this issue. While the Spartan is the most powerful and definitely one of the fastest boats, it is also the most costly and may not appeal to novices, who may prefer a boat with self-righting capsize recovery technology.

    How do radio-controlled boats work?

    The transmitter or mobile device used to operate the boat delivers a radio signal to the boat's receiver. The signal is then interpreted by the receiver, who uses the boat's motor to go ahead, turn, or reverse. RC boats have been around for a while and are highly popular.

    Can RC boats be used in saltwater?

    The vast majority of remote control boats should not be used in saltwater. Unlike freshwater, saltwater can cause corrosion and other types of harm to your vehicle's delicate electronic equipment. However, RC boats built for use in saltwater do exist, so as long as you buy anything labelled "saltwater safe," you should be able to use it anyplace.

    Which RC boat is the fastest?

    The Munich SAW is the fastest RC boat ever recorded, reaching speeds of over 300 kilometres per hour (a little under 200 mph.) This world record setter, however, was a bespoke construct and is not for sale commercially.

    The Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran is perhaps the quickest RC boat you can buy. It travels at speeds of 50-60 miles per hour on a daily basis, and with the correct battery, it can travel considerably faster.

    What is the finest remote control boat for rough water?

    The Force1 Velocity, UDIRC Venom, and any Traxxas model are excellent RC boats for rough water.

    What are the types of RC boats?

    There are many various types of RC boats available, each with its own set of features and specifications based on what you're searching for. There is a boat out there for everyone, whether you're looking for an RC boat for yourself, your outdoorsy brother, or your little child.

    RC boats with Camera:

    RC boats with built-in or attachable cameras are one form of RC boat. These boats are ideal for anyone who wants to shoot some fantastic first-person perspective action photographs while racing across the sea with their boat.

    Remote Control Pontoon Boats:

    If you're seeking for a toy to accompany you on pleasant days at the lake, an RC pontoon boat may be ideal. These slower boats are a lot of fun.

    RC boats for saltwater:

    Not all boats can be driven in saltwater, but if you want to take an RC boat to the beach, there are several wonderful and thrilling ones to choose from. When looking, make sure the box is seawater safe so that no harm occurs when you're racing through the waves.

    Miniature RC Boat

    Miniature RC boats are smaller than conventional RC boats and are ideal for children. Because they are not too large, children can easily operate them in pools, ponds, and lakes and have a great time driving them. They are also ideal for traveling because they take up little room and are a fun item to have on weekend trips and vacations.




    Type: RC BoatsĀ 
    Model: H100Ā 
    Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote ControlĀ 
    Channel: 4-ChannelsĀ 
    Functions: Auto 180 Degree Turn-over,Automatic Flip Over,Forward/backward,Turn left/right(ith a liquid crystal display)Ā 
    Playing Time: 8minsĀ 
    Charging time: 45minsĀ 
    Remote Control Distance: 150MĀ 
    Boat Power: Li-ion 18350 600mh 7.4V battery(Built-in)Ā 
    Transmitter Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery (not included)Ā 
    Age: Above 14 years oldĀ 
    Material: Electronic Components,PlasticĀ 
    Color: BlueĀ 
    Product Size: 35.2x9.2x9cmĀ 
    Package Size: 36.8x2


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