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    Pop It Bracelet

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    SPIN & POP your STRESS away anytime, anywhere!

    This Pop It Bracelet is made with decompression silicone with poppable bubbles & a spinning flower that lets you spin & pop again and again! Relieving stress, anxiety, boredom, fatigue, and more! Features a colorful design that gives off a fun and quirky touch to your OOTD. Allowing you to be as stylish as you want while enjoying the sensory stimulation like a bubble wrap! 

    This pop-it bracelet is an excellent fidget to wear while at school or waiting for appointments. They are adjustable in size; however, please specify whether the bracelet is for a kid or an adult, as sizes vary. Bracelets arrive in a variety of colors. Few people, including children and adults, can resist the gratifying, soothing sensation of pressing down the silicone bubbles on this sensory fidget bracelet. It's like having an endless supply of bubble wrap!

    This Pop it bracelet is constructed of high-grade silicone that is non-toxic, odorless, artistically created, given thorough quality control, and long-lasting. It's comprised of soft material with a reusable, cleanable surface. This product would benefit individuals suffering from anxiety, autism, ADHD, OCD, hyperactivity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or any other sensory issue. It may be used at home, school, classrooms, offices, and everywhere.

    This bracelet is ideal for persons with sensory demands or anxiety and those who need to occupy their hands. When pulled inwards, this toy bracelet is coated with little bubbles that emit a delightful burst sound. Following one press, the bubble appears on the opposite side, ready to be pushed and popped again. This pop-it bracelet is extremely enjoyable, making it ideal for youngsters and adults who enjoy fidgeting. It's a delightful pop-it bracelet.

    Why choose our Pop It Bracelet?

    • Spinning LED Pop Bracelet: It serves as a good sensory toy. The bracelet's fun and quirky style make it easy to match with different outfits. Making you look more interesting and charming
    • Instant Stress Relief: A great decompression bracelet that helps to keep you occupied, focused, and satisfied. It makes a pleasant popping sound once pressed, producing a good sensory interaction.
    • Comfortable to Wear: A lightweight and hypoallergenic wristband that is highly flexible to fit comfortably to your wrist! Leaving you without the problem of unwarranted skin irritation after a long day of wear.
    • Easy to Carry: No need to put it in a bag or pockets as it can snug on your wrist all day long! Ideal for kids as it can‚Äôt be lost easily even when day play.¬†
    • Wide Application: A portable single-wrap bracelet that is water-proof and wear-resistant. Ideal for travel, school, work, beach, picnic, party, and more possibilities!¬†




    Silicone, LED


    245mm (9.6")

    Spinner Width

    80mm (3.1")


    Blue / Purple Yellow / Purple Blue



    Once You Pop, You Can't Stop:

    With just one touch, your fingers will be unable to resist pushing, prodding, and popping this fascinating fidget bracelet!

    Fidgety Fingers Can't Put It Down: 

    This pop-it bracelet promotes tactile stimulation, relaxation, and focus.

    Durable Construction:

    This band is composed of high-quality ABS plastic and has long-lasting silicone buttons. It has dimensions of 255x32mm and a thickness of 3mm (22mm wristband width).

    Take It With You: 

    This pop-it bracelet is compact and light in weight, making it easy to transport. The wristband's length may be modified to fit the real situation of the wrist, making it acceptable for most individuals to wear and play with.

    Fun & Functional:

    This relaxes tension and improves concentration, making it ideal for ADHD, autism, and anxiety, as well as for students and general fidgeting.

    Strong and High-Quality Plastic:

    This one-of-a-kind bracelet will have you fidgeting for hours, whether young or old! The band is constructed of durable, high-quality plastic, and the six bright buttons are made entirely of silicone.

    Perfect for Every Occasion:

    This bracelet is perfect for classrooms, offices, planes, indoors, camping, restaurant, goodie bag fillers, game theme parties, fun birthday party favors, graduation parties, Christmas parties, Halloween, carnival parties, garden parties, etc.


    A lightweight and hypoallergenic wristband that is very flexible and fits nicely around your wrist! This eliminates the issue of unwanted skin irritation after a long day of wearing.

    Convenient to Carry:

    No need to put it in a bag or pockets because it may be worn on your wrist all day! It is ideal for children because it cannot be easily misplaced, especially during daytime play.

    Versatile Use: 

    A portable single-wrap bracelet that is water-resistant and wear-resistant. Ideal for travel, school, work, the beach, picnics, parties, and more!


    Pop It Bracelet Toy Benefits: 

    • Our Pop bracelet toy comes in a range of colors. The vivid look is both attractive and engaging.
    • Our small silicone bracelet toy is available in a variety of hues. The vibrant appearance is both stunning and inviting.
    • The bubble wristband toy is lightweight and portable, and it can be worn as a wristband to give enjoyment at any time and place.
    • Our silicone bracelet toys are made from high-quality silicone materials.
    • The girls' and boys' fidgets are small enough to fit in your pocket and may be worn as a stress-relief fidget bracelet.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the advantage of Pop It?

    This pop-it bracelet is a little, flexible silicone toy that borrows all the rainbow colors and mimics bubble wrap, with blisters that may be popped in and out. This toy is popular because it calms and relaxes restless, tense, or worried children by engaging both their minds and body.

    What was the original intention of a Pop It?

    The successor to the fidget spinner fad owes a lot to an Israeli company called Theora Design, which was formed by the married pair Theo and Ora Coster. It was designed to be used by youngsters as a fidget toy to keep their fingers engaged during class.

    What exactly does Pop It do for kids?

    Fidget toys, in general, help children release tense or restless energy, according to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist in New York City. Furthermore, children may subconsciously employ Pop It! as a stress reliever. "Puffing the small bubbles may also help to ease muscular tension and alleviate anxiety and stress," she explains.

    Does popping it help with anxiety?

    They may give a temporary diversion from symptoms, but they are unlikely to help with anxiety treatment and appear to be less successful than other choices, such as counseling.

    Are Pop It waterproof?                                

    Because there are no loose or noisy parts, it is ideal for playing in the vehicle, bus, or aircraft, as well as at a restaurant or school. It's water-resistant so you can use it everywhere, even in the bath!

    Is pop it is used to deal with stress?

    This Pop fidget toy is essential if you are stressed about anything minor in your work or life, as it may efficiently release tension and restore mood. It is constructed of pure silicon that has passed the pinch test and is safe, soft, and long-lasting.

    Is the Pop It bracelet stress-relieving?

    This Pop it bracelet may help you reduce tension and anxiety by tapping bubbles to pass the time. Calm them down, relax, and focus when upset or anxious at work or in life, which is ideal for children with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or adults with excessive anxiety.

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