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    Multicolor Water Painting Drawing Mat

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    Coloring is a popular hobby that allows children to express their creativity. It is entertaining but instructive and constructive since it teaches children colors, spatial principles, and even forms. Many parents would agree that coloring books quickly run out, and single works of art frequently become murals and collages on the refrigerator and wall.

    Consider purchasing a Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat to conserve paper and prevent the possibility of a mess. These enormous canvases enable children to color, sketch, or trace with water-activated "magic" pens. Fill the pen with water and soak the tip for a few minutes before coloring. If the children decide they want a new canvas for a new drawing, they need to wait around 10 minutes for the previous image to dry and fade.

    This Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat aids in the development of your child's cognitive abilities. Mold your child's inner artist and watch as they engage in creative playing that gives them incredible freedom and joyfully fills their hearts. A bright and beautiful colored mat that establishes a personal link with your young one, providing a one-of-a-kind play place to hang out with, allowing for those sweet moments to be captured, a great memory to remember.

    This mat will create fabulous doodles and images to the amazement of your children. You don't need any ink, just using the magic pen filled with water and create on the magic mat. Kids will be fascinated as the colorful images spring up, and slowly fade away so that kids can use the mat again and again.

    A perfect toy for your little kids! Doodle freely, can develop kids’ artistic accomplishment, hands-on ability, exploring ability and creativity and imagination. Polyster material, eco-friendly and non-toxic, a good alternative for paper canvas.

    The pen is twisted off counterclockwise, to prevent baby from opening it easily. The back of the mat is water-resistant nylon material, no worry about wetting the floor. Not only a toys but also a communicative link between you and your baby. Size:73.5X49 Package Includes:1pcs doodle Mat+2pcs magic Pen.



    Package Dimensions

    ‎30 x 22 x 1.6 cm; 150 Grams


    ‎Multi- Colour


    ‎150 g





    Our Multi-Color Water Painting Drawing Mat is appropriate for children aged three and above. Unlike many other four-color mats on the market, we are now presenting this unique Multi Color Water Painting Artwork Mat with rainbow colors to make your child's drawing even more spectacular.


    Our 80 x 60cm mat allows parents to draw alongside their children. Our mat has thinner edge frames than many on the market, giving you a bigger surface to create your rainbow color doodles. This learning water painting drawing mat set is safe as a baby educational toy.


    The water causes this Painting Drawing Mat to change color, and when it dries, it returns to blank, allowing your children to draw on it again and again. It's convenient for parents because there's no mess on the carpet, walls, children's clothes, or tabletops.


    This Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat is lightweight and easy to fold down and place in your travel bag, whether taking your kids to the park, a friend's house, a grandparent's house, or a long car ride. It's an excellent, enjoyable, safe toy that kids can play with at home or on the go.


    This Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat may inspire children to be creative. It is also more enjoyable for youngsters as an educational learning mat. It is an excellent choice for a Birthday Christmas present for toddlers, grandchildren, or nephews.


    • This Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat appeals to your child's tastes.
    • It improves their concentration and allows them to express their feelings and opinions openly. Increases their self-esteem, educates children to collaborate, and boosts cognitive growth. It encourages children to ponder and explore the area of their imagination.
    • Allow children to sketch the fun with its revolutionary child-friendly pen, which utilizes non-toxic ink and fades with time. A large mat that allows them to enjoy the pleasure fully.
    • Our Multi-Color Water Painting Drawing Mat may be used again and again. The graphics on the mat will fade automatically, allowing for several uses.
    • This mat is incredibly light and easy to fold; you may bring it anywhere at any time.


    Roll the mat up instead of folding it for storage:

    When storing the mat, roll it up rather than folding it. If you fold it, you will almost certainly end up with permanent wrinkles across the canvas. 

    Consider a themed set:

    Consider using a themed set. Several themed water painting drawing mats are available, including dinosaurs, zoo animals, and ocean life.

    Embrace it as an eco-friendly alternative:

    Accept it as an environmentally responsible option. A water painting drawing mat can help minimize your household's paper use and clutter.

     Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat

    Keep pets away from water painting drawing mats. Their nails can pierce the canvas, and they may mistake the magic pen for a chew toy.

    Why do Parents Love Multi Color Water Painting Drawing mats?


    Art is a fun, creative way for youngsters to play and express themselves, but it's not the cleanest activity. Paint can leak, crayons can lose wax, and markers can leave difficult-to-remove stains on clothing and furnishings.

    The Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat takes the mess out of the equation. Parents may relax while their children color freely. They only operate when the magic pens are filled with water and put on the mat. As a result, they neither deposit nor leak color. The only messes you can expect from this drawing mat are the occasional water spill.


    Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mats of high quality are developed to be as safe as possible for children. The mats and pens are non-toxic, and because the pens are filled with water, they will not cause skin or eye allergies.

    Pens and mats are often bigger, reducing the risk of choking. That being stated, Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mats differ in design depending on age group. The bigger the pens and accessories, the younger the desired age.

    Many painting drawing mats meet or exceed toy safety regulations. Those bearing the ASTM logo have consented to go through rigorous testing to assure a high degree of safety. Others are stamped with EN 71, indicating that the product passes stringent safety regulations to be sold in the European Union. 


    Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mats are lightweight and portable, making them great for travel. Because the mats are thin, they are easy to roll or fold into bags. Some even have a carrying case.

    Another reason the Multi Color Water Painting Drawing Mat is great for travel is that coloring requires just one pen. Traditional coloring necessitates a plethora of crayons or colored pencils, which are difficult to keep track of – and frequently end up missing.

    Side-by-side play:

    Drawing of Multi-Color Water Painting Mats is frequently large enough for multiple children to collaborate on a project. Parents and therapists of special-needs children can utilize the mats. The mats may be used for education, occupational therapy, and to introduce children to side-by-side play.


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