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    Color Memory Chess Game

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    A one-of-a-kind memory game that promotes concentration, attention to detail, and cooperative behavior.

    The diameter of the round board is roughly 28cm. When removed from the board, each piece measures roughly 4.5cm in height and 1.5cm in diameter. It is recommended for three players aged three and up.

    By controlling the pieces, the youngster may improve his memory, understanding of colors, and fine motor skills. Color Memory Chess Game may improve the child's movement efficiency and responsiveness and encourage the development of numerous sensory feelings. This game best enhances the child's three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive capacity, and curiosity.

    It is an excellent educational toy for children. This game can help to strengthen children's cognitive abilities.


    1. Arrange all pawns on the chessboard upside down at random.
    2. Remember where the colors are on the chessboard for a few seconds.
    3. Roll the dice to choose which color to seek for.
    4. On the chessboard, select as many identical colored pawns as possible (4 per color).



    For all ages




    Party & Fun Games

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    2 ‚Äď 6 Players:

    The wooden memory board game for youngsters is entertaining. 2-6 players may play it, and children can play with their families or friends.

    Storage Bag:

    It comes with a storage bag and can be taken anywhere, making it a perfect Fun Travel Board Game for Trips, Camping, Hiking, family gatherings, and other Outdoor activities.

    Promotes Cognitive Growth:

    This matching and memory game promotes cognitive growth, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities.

    Treat Early Dementia:

    It is a fun game for young kids, families, and persons with early dementia.

    Simple to Learn:

    It is enjoyable to play, simple to learn, and can be retained for a long time. Furthermore, the compact board game is an excellent gift for keeping your youngsters entertained throughout a car or airline ride.

    Ideal Gift for Kids-Boys & Girls:

    The entire set is ideal for birthdays and as an Easter basket filler. Parents may also use these as pi√Īata stuffers and party favors. It is the ideal present for boys and girls aged 3, 4,5,6,7 and 8!

    Memory Exercise:

    The game can help your child's brain development even at a young age. It boosts IQ, strengthens parent-child bonds, and develops their brains more efficiently. It also keeps children from being overly dependent on technology.

    Smooth Wood Material:

    It is made of safe wood and non-toxic water paint; you may use it confidently. Its painted smooth surface layer does not readily irritate children's hands.

    How to Play Color memory Chess game:

    (Instructions are provided in the package, so don't worry about memorizing this description!)

    Each participant has a turn rolling the dice. Each side of the dice has different colors, such as purple, blue, yellow, red, green, or natural wood.

    The player attempts to find the equivalent color on the game board by picking up one piece. The player keeps the piece if it matches the color displayed on the dice. If a piece does not match, it is returned to its original position on the game board.

    The procedure is large 'luck' for the first few turns, as the player merely guesses where the color may be.

    However, after a few plays, different strategies set in when youngsters recall the colors in previous turns. Memory is useful for determining where a specific color is hidden and making a reasonable, educated judgment about where color is likely to be.

    Good for Children:

    The major benefit of the game for younger children is its impact on memory and attention - the game's design encourages each kid to remain engaged and observe the turns of the other children rather than merely interacting during their turn.

    There are several potentials for expansion for older pupils, such as utilizing the game to examine chance, statistics, and probability within the framework of a math lesson.

    Benefits of Color Memory Chess Game

    • The game may help children learn the colours of the pawns put across the board.
    • It is constructed of safe and non-toxic wooden material.
    • A 30 cm coloured dice are also included with the box.
    • You may take this game anywhere, at any time, and have a great time with your family members and friends.

    How Far Your Brain Can Go? Challenge Your Memory With This!
    A Great Game for kids 4 and up.

    SHARPEN KIDS MINDS: Memory Chess can help to improve Kid's three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive ability and stimulate the kid's curiosity at his or her early age.

    COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: At a young age, the game can enhance your child's brain. It improves IQ, raises bonding with parents, and makes their brains accurate. It also prevents them to depend on gadgets

    FOR ALL AGES: The memory chess game keeps your brain snappy and active, this prevents memory decline and other relevant health issues. A game for all members in the family, grandparents, kids and parents!

    Color Memory Chess Game

    SMOOTH WOOD MATERIAL: Made of safe wooden material and non-toxic water paint, allow you to use with reassurance. With painted smooth surface layer, it does not hurt kids' hands easily

    How to Play

    1. Place all pawns randomly on the chessboard upside down.
    2. Take a few seconds to memorize where the colors are placed on the chessboard.
    3. Throw the dice and find out which color to look for.
    4. Pick as many identical colored pawns as you can on the chessboard. If the chessman is with the same color on the top of the dice then keep the chessman. Who get more chessmen at last who wins the game. OR you can set the winning standard to getting 4 same color chessmen or 6 different color chessmen. 


    1. Avoid contact with fire and water.
    2. If the original presentation box is unavailable, we will wrap and preserve the item with a PE bag. Please do not be concerned.
    3. Due to differences in displays, the image may not accurately represent the item's color. We promise that the style is exactly as seen in the photos.
    4. Manual measurements may have a 2-3 centimeter error.


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