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    LED Teddy Bear

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    Colorful Glowing LED Teddy Bear

    The LED Light Up Teddy Bear will keep your child feeling safe at night. It's unique light up feature can turn on whenever your child needs a source of light. They're fun, unique and awesome with plenty of colors to choose from.

    It's one thing to own a teddy bear but another to own the LED Teddy Bear Toy. This teddy bear is the most adorable thing you've ever seen. Its incredibly soft texture will only make you and your child fall even more in love with it.

    This giant plush and stuffed teddy bear changes color automatically and will give a lovely glow in your child's bedroom at night. The LED lights, which come in four attractive hues (white, pink, blue, and yellow), are brilliant and beautifully illuminate the colors! This will make your youngster feel more secure in the dark! If you frequently feel lonely at night, our Teddy Bear Toy is ideal since it will allow you to sleep well and never feel lonely again.

    This is the most adorable toy ever! This cute LED Teddy Bear Toy may join them at sleepovers and holidays to calm your small ones as they go to sleep.

    • Glows in the dark
    • Provides a better night's sleep for both your child and you.
    • Our teddy bear is an excellent present for Christmas, children's birthdays, Valentine's Day, and other occasions. 
    • Super soft, comfortable to touch, enough for children to play with, and become a children's playmate; it can also be used as a night light, so your child does not feel lonely.

    7 changing LED Colors

    Activate bear with button on bear's hand High quality plush material

    Ultra soft design, made for children Requires 3 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)




    Approximately 50cm


    plush and PP cotton




    PP cotton


    Stuffed & Plush



    Helps in Sleeping:

    It may also be put next to your child's crib or bed. And if they have trouble sleeping in general, it will soothe them to sleep faster than you would think.

    Three AA Batteries:

    It runs on three AA batteries. Insert the batteries, then click the button on the right of the arm to turn it on. It will turn off if you push it again.

    Used for Decoration:

    It is comfortable and excellent for embracing, and it can be used as a decoration anyplace in the house-bed, couch, chair, and so on.

    20 Inches in Size:

    This LED Teddy Bear Toy is around 20inches in size. It is the ideal present for both youngsters and adults. It is composed of cotton and comes in various colors, allowing you to select your favorite.

    Comfortable Companion:

    Thanks to its unique, colorful LED light, this teddy bear toy will be the most comfortable companion and the nicest sleep partner ever.


    Assist in falling asleep: 

    Our led teddy bear is ideal for toddlers and young children terrified of the dark. Children in the hospital can snuggle with it and find consolation if they get terrified. This light-up teddy bear will surely smile on any child's face.

    A nightlight:

    Our light-up teddy bear led lights are low voltage and do not produce heat, making them an excellent choice for a night light.

    Powered by a battery: 

    It's straightforward because the on/off switch is conveniently situated on the back. (3) "aa" batteries are stored in the bear's secret pouch at the back.

    Excellent present: 

    This adorable plush bear would make an excellent birthday or Christmas present for a boy or girl.

    What if you can't sleep at night because you're afraid of the dark?

    This teddy bear has an LED light that is neither too dim nor too bright and will not bother your eyes. Boys and girls will both like holding and carrying their guiding night light, which is bright enough to help them see where they're going without disturbing everyone else's sleep. Its one-button switch is suitable for toddlers and simple to turn on and off.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do you keep a teddy bear safe?

    You may extend the life of stuffed animals by wrapping them in acid-free tissue paper or acid-free packaging while not on display or in use. To avoid matted fur, place the stuffed animals in more than one box.

    How do you thoroughly clean a white teddy bear?

    If required, use a small amount of liquid dish detergent or mild shampoo, followed by a brief wipe-down rinse with a moist towel. This method is safe for virtually all stuffed animals and may even be used to clean a stinky teddy bear.


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