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    Insects Bug Vacuum Catcher

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    Spring has arrived, and with it have come swarms of moths, gnats, flies, mosquitoes, june bugs, mayflies, scorpions, spiders, and any other strange insect that will scramble in if someone leaves the screen door open for more than a second.

    The ideal solution is this tiny vacuum-action bug catcher. Simply wrap the tube around your victim and click the button on the handle.

    Its length of 43cm keeps you safe from the insect or other bug as the motorised vacuum gently pulls it into the tube. Then, move the catcher to an open door or window and turn off the suction power, allowing your victim to flee to safety outside.

    • Humane way to catch and dispose of spiders and other insects
    • Built-in LED light helps you pinpoint and trap victims without harm
    • 43cm long catcher keeps you at a safe distance from spider
    • Requires one 9V battery, not included







    Target Species

    Cockroach, Beetle, Ant, Spider

    Item Weight

    13.7 ounces



    Easy Removal:

    This vacuum collects spiders, cockroaches, beetles, ants, woodlice, and any other insects you can find! Use a lid stopper to keep the creepy crawlies in the bucket and the insecticide readily released outdoors. Nobody wants to remove the bug with their hands. The handheld bug vacuum is great for moving insects from our houses to the safety of our garden.

    Easy to Use:

    This bug catcher easily catches insects, whether they're behind the sofas or up to the ceiling marijuana. It may be used both indoors and outdoors to keep pests at bay while being mild enough not to kill. There is a cigarette filter device to prevent bugs from being sucked into the machine.

    Ergonomic Shape:

    The ergonomic form of the handle makes it easy to grasp and steady in balance.

    A Great Gift:

    This vacuum catcher is an excellent present for children, adults, and seniors. Pests will not be afraid since they are so simple to catch. The Bug Catcher Vacuum is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for travel.

    Easy Grab for Children:

    This bug catcher comes with a vacuum, a large bucket, and a brush. It's also simple for kids to use. It also contains alcohol, which may be used to clean the area where the bugs are crawling.

    Easy Exploration:

    Anywhere you discover bugs, at any moment you are permitted to capture them with your children and enjoy natural exploration at home.

    How to release an insect to make sure it doesn’t come back inside?

    You truly can't. Release it as far as possible from doors and windows, but if it got in once, it can do so again. If you see a significant rise in the number of insects entering your home, it may be time to contact a pest control company regarding perimeter spraying.

    Examine the conditions within the house that may be attracting insects, and check for potential cracks and entry points. During wet or cold weather, though, you may notice an increase in the number of insects seeking shelter within. It's inconvenient, but your new bug vacuum can help you deal with it until the weather changes.


    • There will be no dead bugs crushed against your wall if you use this vacuum catcher, and you will be less likely to get bitten or stung.
    • Vacuuming the carpets in your home is more than simply a basic housekeeping duty. It can also help to keep pests at home.
    • All creepy crawlies are captured and killed by this vacuum.
    • This vacuum catcher is an environmentally safe approach to eradicate insects from your home without the use of harmful chemicals.


    Use a bug vacuum in the garden:

    A bug vacuum can be used by gardeners to remove insects and other pests from valuable plants.

    Check for damage:

    Look for any little cracks in your bug vacuum that might allow a bug to escape. Finding a bug that you believed was caught on your hand is a dreadful sensation.

    Vacuum up stinkbugs:

    To get rid of stinkbugs, which may emit an unpleasant odour if squished, use a no-kill insect vacuum.

     insects bug Vaccum catcher

    Bug vacuums can help prevent insect splatters on walls, floors, and shoes.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is there a vacuum for bugs?

    This insect vacuum catcher is a popular bug vacuuming gadget with a lightweight and unique design. Its long, tubular design helps you to keep a safe distance from any bug you want to remove.

    Does vacuuming keep bugs away?

    Vacuuming the carpets in your home is more than simply a basic housekeeping duty. It can also help to keep pests at bay. Although vacuuming cannot keep bugs out of your home, it is an important step in keeping them under control and preventing an infestation.

    What happens to bugs in a vacuum?

    Normally, putting an insect in a vacuum kills it. Its bodily fluids are swiftly drained out of it, causing it to collapse inwards into a crumpled husk. This is why SEMs are employed on specimens that are already dead and have been specifically preserved.


    Insects and Bug Catcher Vacuum --- Capture bugs, insects and spiders from a safe distance, just aim and suck them in the bug vacuum pipe.

    Humane Catcher and NO Chemical --- Powerful Vacuum Suction enough to ensure that bugs won't escape, but gentle enough not to kill.

    You will not get your furniture and walls dirty by spray or Smashing ever again.

    LED Flashlight --- The bug catcher vacuum is equipped with a led light to catch the dark crawlers. Not any insect is safe, and your home is very clean.

    Easy to Install and Change Battery --- Open battery door, put into the 9V battery (Not included), you don't tape battery shut in order to make it work.

    A Great Gift --- Ergonomic gun shape that is easy for kids, adults and seniors to hold.So easy to capture pests, they will not feel scared.The Bug Catcher Vacuum is lightweight, you can take it everywhere, it is so convenient.

    bug vaccum catcher


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