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    Inflatable Water Play Mat

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    The Inflatable Tummy Mat is the perfect tummy time activity with water and attractive sea creature friends to grab a babies’ attention. With the Inflatable tummy mat, young ones can experience water fun without getting wet. Rain or shine, youngsters can have fun in the sun with this brightly colored inflatable play mat that has a wonderful underwater seascape. 

    An inflatable water play mat provides an engaging environment for your baby to play while also serving as a tummy time mat where they may practice strengthening their necks while they are young. A baby water play mat comes in various forms and sizes, as well as vivid colors. It generally has eye-catching drawings and pictures and is occasionally filled with floating toys like aquatic creatures. This Baby Inflatable Water Play Mat is a popular fun toy for babies aged 3 to 12 months. Your youngsters will be captivated by adorable sea-themed floating toys and vibrant marine world graphs! This is the best water play mat for baby. This soft, comfy inflatable water lay mat is the ideal sensory toy for strengthening the head, neck, and shoulder muscles while improving hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, and social skills. The vibrant aquatic creatures and eye-catching drawings will keep your youngster entertained for hours.



      Why choose our Inflatable Tummy Mat?

      • Because You Want Your Baby To Have Fun – and that’s exactly what our engaging fish puzzle mat will deliver! Help your newborn have fun squeezing, squishing, and pressing the water mat, and trying to move the fish around!
      • Because You Don’t Want To Spend Hours Setting Up A Play Mat – less time setting up a tummy time mat means more time enjoying it! That’s why our water mat for babies is so easy to inflate and fill with water!
      • Because You Don’t Like Cleaning Up A Huge Mess – raising your baby is hard enough. You don’t have the time or energy to clean up after leaky mats and we know it. That’s why our mom-approved water mat is 100% leakproof!






      0.3mm thick PVC


      0.79 lb

      Large size

      26'' x 19''

      Target Gender




      Large Sensory Water Mat For Babies: 

      This inflatable water play mat provides a vast space to play, helps strengthen baby's leg and arm muscles in preparation for crawling, and may also thrill brain growth and improve hand-eye coordination.

      Eye-Catching Tummy Time Mat:

      The beautiful sea landscape and many marine animals will captivate your baby boy or girl's interest in this mat, which is mainly intended for babies and toddlers aged three months and above.

      Durable Quality & 100% Leak Proof: 

      Each sensory water mat has been rigorously tested for NO LEAKING and durability. There is no need to be concerned about a messy accident; inflate the outer tube with the air pump and fill the inner surface with tap water, and your children can enjoy an exciting tummy time with the inflatable water play mat.

      Worry-Free Buying:

      We provide a 60-day money-back guarantee and lifetime replacement for faulty tummy time mats, so don't hesitate to click the order button.

      Premium quality Material:

      This inflatable water play mat is composed of high-quality, extra-durable materials that will not leak or break and are completely safe for the baby's sensitive skin!

      Learn & Play:

      This toddler water mat is practical teaching and playing equipment for newborns and toddlers, with a vibrant pattern that catches your young one's imagination and develops his inventiveness!


      Install this baby water mat requires no complicated tools or sophisticated processes! Your child's new activity center will be ready in minutes with simple directions!

      Suitable Gift:

      Do you need a fun activity for your newborn or toddler? Do you want to wow a friend with a thoughtful and helpful baby shower gift? The perfect solution is an inflatable water play mat!

      inflattable baby mat


      • This inflatable baby water mat is made from environmentally friendly PVC materials that are not harmful to your baby's health.
      • Colorful and BPA-free, this water play mat has vast five-star reviews from customers who love how great it is for their baby's sensory development and how much their children enjoy playing with it.
      • It's simple to inflate, fill with water, and see the baby push down to make the animals float while also enjoying those tummy time sessions.
      • It's fantastic for stomach time, assisting your baby in developing upper body strength.
      • As we all know, not all newborns prefer stomach time, but because this is a water mat, it will make it more comfortable on their tummies and perhaps more pleasurable. Adding warm water will also make it less chilly for them.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      At what age can you use a water mat for tummy time?

      This activity water mat is designed for babies aged 0 to 24 months, making it an ideal present for newborns and toddlers who like tummy time.

      What is the best tummy time mat?

      These are the best tummy time mats: 

      • A Fan-Favorite Mat With Tons Of Ways To Entertain Your Baby - Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Kickin' Tunes Play Gym
      • A Budget-Friendly Tummy Time Mat - Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play Activity Mat.
      • A Convertible Montessori Inspired Mat With 5 Zones - Lovevery The Play Gym.

      Can you do tummy time on a play mat?

      You may purchase baby tummy time play mats to make stomach time more enjoyable for your baby. Otherwise, place your child on a comfortable blanket and set up some toys. You may leave colorful books, toys, or a baby mirror nearby for them to gaze at and reach for.

      How long do babies use tummy time mats?

      Continue the technique until the baby can roll over independently, which most newborns do around 6 or 7 months. Even so, you should retain stomach time exercises as part of your everyday routine; it will aid them when they begin to crawl.


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