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    Flying Insects Bug-A-Salt Gun

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    Bug-A-Salt Gun

    A fly in the house is inconvenient. It's much worse if you can't get rid of it. That's where the Bug-A-Salt comes into play. You may vent your anger on the bugs safely and economically. The novelty factor is there for anyone who wants to try it.

    The Bug-A-Salt Gun is an amazing innovation. It is certainly worth every cent if you want to kill flying insects without using toxic chemicals and without looking like a hillbilly waving around your flyswatter.

    Bug a salt gun

    This Flying Insects Bug-A-Salt Gun has an effective range of up to 3 feet. This premium, extreme fly killing machine uses less than a pinch of salt to turn out the lights on disgusting, disease-carrying insects. While this salt spraying shotgun may be a nightmare for pesky flies, it's completely non-toxic to keep your children and pets at home safe.

    The Bug-A-Salt fires a common table salt shotgun spray, killing flies on contact. A proven technique to have fun while doing a malicious activity. Buy it and get rid of all those bothersome bugs while having a good time.

    • Uses regular table salt¬†
    • No batteries necessary¬†
    • 50 shots before reloading¬†
    • Pop-up sight indication¬†
    • Manufacturer's warranty for broken components¬†



    Product Dimensions

    22.8 x 2.65 x 7.8 inches


     2.33 Pounds



    Target Species

    Cockroach, Fly, Moth, Mosquito, Spider




    Food-Safe Oil:

    Be prepared to lubricate all of the locations specified in the instructions. This pistol might not operate as effectively without it. WD-40 or other oil sprays can be used. However, if your children have developed an interest in this toy, use only food-safe oil to avoid potentially harming them with chemical oil.

    Effective Against Tiny Flies:

     It is effective against flies, tiny spiders, and other flying and crawling insects that lack a strong exoskeleton, such as wasps, large bugs, and cockroaches.

    A Toy With A Purpose:

    The main appeal of this product is that it is a toy gun that can be used in the house to kill and repel insects.

    Simple Effectiveness:

    The Bug-A-Salt employs table salt grains as ammunition, which works to repel flies without attracting additional insects.

    No Moving Parts:

    The "gun" operates by using pure air power to propel the salt grains in the direction of the flies, which means it lacks the inner workings of a real gun.

    Presentation Is Everything:

    This gun is available in various color schemes, including bright yellow, special edition camo green, lawn and garden green/yellow, and a pink camo design for ladies.

    Bug a salt gun pic


    • It's a fun method to get rid of annoying pests.
    • It performs as expected, with a smooth pumping movement.
    • It is portable.
    • It has a pop-up sight to improve accuracy.
    • You may increase your accuracy by purchasing extras such as a laser pointer.
    • It features an automatic safety lock.

    Guidelines on using of Bug-A-Salt Gun :

    Let's look at how to manage such a toy:

    1. Remove the packaging.
    2. Inquire with your wife about the location of the salt.
    3. (If you are not yet married, you already know where the salt is, so skip this and the following paragraph.)
    4. Wait for the salt to arrive. If Hell has frozen over and the salt has still not arrived, you may need to get out of your chair, stroll into the kitchen, and look for it yourself. This may appear to be extreme steps, but we are rooting for you.
    5. Fill the gun with salt (about 2 tablespoons).
    6. Pull the breech-block handle towards you with effort, then return it.
    7. Ready! A charge of this size will provide around 50 shots. This is considerably more entertaining than a fly swatter! Excellent hunting!

    Tips From Customers:

    1. Shoot at close range to increase your chances of success (about 3 to the 4-foot range).
    2. "I also recommend wearing eye protection, as I have experienced ricocheting off screen doors up to four feet in past hunts."
    3. Do not apply it to humans, pets, or other animals. It might be harmful to them. You must properly explain this to your children.
    4. Do not substitute domestic soda, pepper, or other culinary products for salt. Grains of salt function similarly to shotgun pellets. However, grains of soda is too finely crushed and may cause gun damage or clogging.

    Features: Color: Yellow No batteries required Pop-up sight indicator Accurate within 3 feet 50 shots before reloading Fly stays intact for easy cleanup Non-toxic salt is safe for kids and pets Excellent for insects in corners and ceilings Shoots less than a pinch of ordinary table salt Powered by a blast of air and a splash of twisted, problem-solving fun.


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