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    Pet Water Bottle

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    Pet water bottles are helpful tools that keep our dogs hydrated while deterring them from drinking from unsafe water sources.

    With a leak-proof button dispenser, an attached drinking cup, and a handy carrying loop, this pet water bottle is one of the best. One of our favorite features of this water bottle is that it only delivers water when you click the "water key" button, preventing you from wasting water while your dog sips.

    A pet water bottle may serve various functions, whether fixed within your dog's kennel or portable, to ensure your dog stays hydrated on road trips and excursions. Regular plastic water bottles are affordable and straightforward to clean but prone to BPA contamination. But this bottle is BPA-free.

    It is recommended for all dog owners, not only hikers and road trippers! Having a dog water fountain for lengthy travels is even more critical. But assume you're driving your dog to the vet, 10 minutes away, and they puke halfway there. A dog water bottle to keep them hydrated and refreshed is essential in these situations.

    The Pet Water Bottle is perfect for giving a drink to your furry friend on-the-go. You can give them a drink in the park, outdoors, the beach or anywhere.

    The special bottle has a wide mouth bowl attachment that's perfect for pets to drink out of. The water can be passed back and fourth from the bowl via an electric pump so you
    won't ever waste any.



    Cup Material

    PC complied with FDA

    Trough Material

    ABS complied with FDA


    Two choices, 12oz(350ml) and 19oz(550ml), choose as per your request

    Available Colors

    Blue and Pink



    No Water Waste:


    Unused water may be readily returned to the container by pressing the water key.

    Leak Proof:


     A silica gel seal ring and a lock key design ensure that the pet water bottle does not leak. There's no need to worry about getting wet or wasting water.

    Durable and safe:


    The portable dog water bottle is manufactured of high-quality food-grade material, ensuring your pet's safety when using our dog water dispenser bottle.

    Portable Water Bottle for Your Dog:


    12oz capacity is ideal for outdoor walking, trekking, and touring. Because of its small size, you can fit it inside your backpack or carry it in your hand using the connected strap.

    Simple to use:


    One-handed operation, push the water key to fill the water, release to stop water, and feed your pet with our water bottle.


    • This pet water bottle is the original foldable, portable water dispenser you've been looking for.
    • Press the button to let the water flow into the scoop-shaped end of the bottle. It is easy and comfortable for your dog to drink from.
    • The bottle includes a leak-proof silicone closure, so you won't leave a water trail while you walk.
    • The all-plastic construction also makes it simple to clean by hand.


    • Keep the pet water bottle out of hot water over 176℉/80℃
    • Don’t wash with a dish-washing machine
    • Don’t press the water key hard when the lock key is locking
    • Don’t put these in the cup: dry ice, chocolate, soda water, milk etc

    How To Use Pet Water Bottle:

    1. Keep the dog's water bottle horizontal, move the lock key right to unlock, and push the water key to fill the trough. To stop the flow of water, press the Water key.

    2. After feeding, move the lock key to the left to lock the device and prevent water from leaking.

    Why Dog Water Bottles Handy?

    dog water bottle Amazon

    You can keep your dog healthy and hydrated with a fantastic dog water bottle without worrying about leaking water or heavy luggage.

    Instead of carrying separate collapsible bowls and unwittingly wasting water when your dog doesn't drink what you poured, dog water bottles allow you to feed your dog without making a mess or wasting water.

    Water bottles for dogs are convenient for activities like:

    Exercise & Hiking:

    Hands-free jogging, dog joring, canicross, hiking, and other physical activities are more accessible with portable dog water bottles!


    Many dog water bottles are designed to fit into cup holders, making them ideal for transporting your canine in the vehicle. You may even take them on aircraft rides with your pet!

    Why Doggie Hydration Matters?

    Best Dog Water Bottles


    Staying hydrated with that wonderful liquid, H20, is essential for you and your dog. Water keeps cells healthy and aids in the regulation of body temperature.

    Your dog may become dehydrated if he does not have access to water. Dehydration isn't only unpleasant for your dog; it may also put him in danger of more severe ailments, including poor digestion, impaired circulation, and even organ failure. These health risks can be readily prevented by taking regular water breaks and ensuring enough access to water!

    Carrying spare dog bowls on your jogs, on the other hand, might be very inconvenient. Fortunately, various water bottles on the market are meant to be used by both owners and dogs, allowing you to bring only one bottle on your adventures.

    Whether going for a stroll, bicycling, running, hiking, or taking a road trip, choosing a portable, small, and leak-proof water bottle can keep your pup healthy and happy!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can dogs drink from water bottles?

    Dogs must stay hydrated, especially while exercising outside. Dog water bottles are simply the most practical method to keep your canine hydrated while on the go.

    Do dog water bottle attachments work?

    Most dog water bottles on the road feature an attachment that serves as a handy water dish. This is quite useful since it allows your dog to drink water while you're traveling from one location to another.

    What is the most fantastic walking dog water bottle?

    Our pet water bottle above is suitable for walking. However, your dog may prefer one over the other based on the style of the bottle.

    Can human water bottles be used for dogs?

    Human water bottles are usually safe for dogs. However, getting your dog a particular water container is still a good idea. This will do the packing for a stroll or trip more accessible and save you from confusing your bottle with your dogs!




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