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    Dog Water Fountain

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    Dog Water Fountain

    Dogs must always stay hydrated to maintain good fur and skin and control their body temperature when the outside temperature rises too high. Dog water fountains give your dog a constant flow of fresh water, which makes it taste better and stay cooler than water supplied in a dish.

    Dogs, like us, dislike drinking water that has been sitting for hours and likes to have a constant supply of refreshing, clean water. As a result, water fountains may do a far better job altering your dog's drinking habits since they are more tempting to them because they provide clean, cold water free of dust and debris. Also, purchasing a water fountain can save time on cleaning and emptying drinking dishes.

    This Dog Water Fountain will amaze your pet. When your dog walks on the paw impression, a new stream of water is released, making it available to them anytime they want it. It's simple to set up, according to the reviewers, and your dogs will rapidly learn how to utilize it. The fountain may be rapidly installed outside in your favorite place without the need for batteries or electricity hookups. It comes with a 40.5-inch hose that connects to your garden faucet or hose. For maximum versatility, you also receive complimentary adapters, connections, and a 2-way Y Hose Garden Hose Connector.

    The fountain is made of strong gauge steel and has a copper valve to prevent leaks. The flow may be adjusted using the control valve on the yellow splitter. It also has rubber friction pads to reduce movement while in use. The fountain costs $85 and is available for purchase.

    • Step-on fountain
    • Built of heavy gauge steel and copper valve that prevents leakage
    • 5″ hose that attaches to your garden faucet or hose
    • No batteries or electrical outlets needed
    • Rubber friction pads minimize movement when in use
    • 12-month guarantee

    dog water fountain






    Item Weight

    1.7 Kilograms

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    12 x 10.5 x 3.8 inches


    dog water fountain specifications


    Blast Of Hydration:

    This fountain does not work until your dog goes onto a little platform. They are then subjected to a hydration blast comparable to a human water fountain.

    Attached To A Hose Port:

    There is no need to be concerned about the water reservoir because the device can be easily linked to a hose port.

    Durable And Sturdy:

    It is big, durable, and solid, making it ideal for dogs who move their bowls about and are messy drinkers.

    Adjustable Flow:

    This dog water fountain features a control knob that enables you to modify the flow of water, increasing or decreasing it.

    Dishwasher Safe:

    This BPA-free dog fountain may be cleaned on the top level of your dishwasher. Owners comment that regular cleaning guarantees that this dog fountain will last for years!

     dog water fountain features and benefits

    Dog water fountainBenefits:

    Maintain Your Dog's Hydration:

    Staying hydrated is essential for the health of any animal, even dogs! Dog drinking fountains make water more attractive to pets, increasing their likelihood of taking a sip. In warmer regions, where dogs might become dehydrated more rapidly, motivating pets to drink more is especially vital.

    Keeps Water From Becoming Dirty:

    Would you like to drink from a glass of water that has dirt and bugs in it? Your dog, on the other hand, isn't so keen on it! Most fountains include a filtering system (typically charcoal filters), and the oxygenation supplied by circulating water results in a better flavour. Dog water fountains give your dog with fresh, clean water that he or she will desire to drink.

    Preventing Kidney And Liver Disease:

    Staying hydrated assists your dog's kidneys to accomplish their job of clearing out toxins, and it also aids in the prevention of liver disease.

    dog water fountain benefits

    Dog Water Fountain - Video:

    Here is the video of how dogs can use this fountain:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What exactly is a dog water fountain, and how does it function?

    A dog water fountain provides fresh water to your dog throughout the day. The fountain automatically dispenses fresh, refreshing water for your dog to drink anytime they want. Some dog water fountains include waterfalls to encourage your pet to drink more, while others have recirculating water. Many of them have changeable carbon filters that clean and improve the taste of the water.

    How do you clean a dog water fountain?

    Some dog water fountains may be washed in the dishwasher, while others must be hand-washed. Most of them are readily removed for cleaning.

    Does a dog water fountain have to be attached to a hose?

    Dog water fountains for outdoor use may require a connection to a hose or a facet. Most indoor fountains are powered by batteries or require an electrical outlet.

    Is a dog water fountain effective in keeping water from freezing outside?

    Dog water fountains will not keep water from freezing outside unless they are built of a special thermal material intended to preserve heat even at very low temperatures.

    How do you change the flow of water?

    This dog water fountain has a Y splitter with an open and shut valve that allows you to modify the water flow to the dog sprinkler toy by slightly opening it. The water pressure may be adjusted by adjusting the valve.


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