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    Dancing and Talking Duck Toy | Newwave

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    Dancing and Talking Duck Toy

    This Funny & Adorable Duck Got Talent Toy Is Gaining Attention among Kids! This beautiful plush toy repeats everything you say to it. Children enjoy playing and cuddling with it because of its tall fluffy appearance. This makes it an excellent companion and an ideal present for children.

    This is a delightful Duck that will keep your child entertained for hours! Children's talking toys are composed of soft PP cotton material that is gentle to the touch, does not shed hair easily, and is safe for children's health. This will keep the kids' attention. When you speak to the toy, it will repeat what you say in a cute voice, making your youngster fall in love with talking, expressing their opinions, and becoming alive and cute. 

    We chose a better machine for the duck toy to get a clearer pronunciation. Your child will become glued to hugging the soft plush. It will be more appealing to pets as well. Interacting with this adorable talking duck will be a lot of fun. It can be given to children who are learning to speak or to stressed-out friends.

    • USB rechargeable 
    • Suitable for ages 12 months+ 
    • Perfect for pets too
    If you're bored, the Duck Got Talent™ can be used to decorate your home as well as entertain you! It allows you to strengthen your relationships with others while also creating a pleasant atmosphere. It also improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving, shape recognition, memory, and task completion, to name a few abilities. Encourage people to think differently and teach them to think, judge, and wait patiently.

    talking duck toy


    Product Name

    Duck Got Talent


    PP CottonSuitable for: Babies, toddlers, infants & kidsSuitable Age: 12+ months.

    Style Type

    Kids Repeating Duck(Built-in battery/USB charging)


    11.8″ inches (30 cm)



    Why choose our Talking Duck?

    • Function: These Duck Got Talent has function of repeat, sing and dance.
    • The expression is cute: the shape is cute, the expression is lifelike and cute, and it sprouts your girl's heart.
    • Cute decoration: the doll is decorated with a cute little straw hat, which is exquisite and interesting.
    • Material: It is made of good material, which is durable.
    • Very Unique Design: Cute duck that can talk, sing, and shake, attracting baby's attention and making baby feel more loved.

    rechargeable talking duck


    • Size: 12*25cm
    • Fabric: soft fabric
    • Material: 3D PP cotton 


    Funny Interactive Toy:

     Whatever you say, the Talking Duck repeats! If you laugh, it laughs back; if you sing, it sings back in its comical duck voice! The talk-back feature enables the duck to repeat whatever you say, whether you laugh, sing, or speak in any language. Your children will enjoy interacting with this item!

    Helps Develop Kid's Language Skills:

     Some children are afraid to speak early, but this interactive plush duck toy will actively encourage them to speak more and improve their speech abilities!

    When children talk to this duck toy, they also listen to the sound of their voice, determine how best to express what they want to say on their own, and improve their pronunciation.

    This interaction will actively engage your child's attention and contribute to greater social development. It also serves as a fun learning development tool for children with autism or ADHD.

    Multiple Play Functions:

     There are two play modes available. Turning on the duck causes it to repeat everything you say humorously. Use the duck's left wing to play one of 200 built-in baby songs or the right wing to adjust the volume.

    Moves & Walks:

     Kids will be thrilled when this Talking Duck takes off on its own! Place it on any flat, even floor and watch it waddle forward whenever it speaks. While speaking, it also shakes its body!

    Flaps & Quacks When You Pick It Up:

     Talking duck will flap its wings and quack frantically if you pick it up by the neck.

    USB Rechargeable:

     A USB charging cord for Talking Duck's rechargeable lithium-ion battery is supplied. You can charge it for 2 hours and play for hours with any USB wall charger. There is no need to replace the batteries!

    Safe For All Ages:

     The Talking Duck is constructed of high-quality, huggable plush material and includes an on/off switch. Surface-washable, baby-soft plush with safe embroidered accents for easy cleaning that keeps soft even after multiple uses. Soft and safe material that will not irritate a child's skin.

    The Perfect Gift:

     The Talking Duck is a plush toy, but it generates laughter and positive responses from people of all ages! Imagine everyone's surprise when they see this cute duck begin to speak! Ideal for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other special occasions.

    Easy Operation:

    Turn it on and speak to it. It will stimulate your voice in a humorous high-pitched tone. When not in use, turn the switch to the OFF position to save battery life. For simple cleaning, detach the motor from the velcro strap in the back.


    • It's a fun game for youngsters, and it makes a great gift for friends, family, lovers, and children.
    • You can hug this soft plush to relieve stress; it can be used as a nap pillow, hug pillow, office cushion, or any other purpose.
    • There are two different kinds, USB charging and battery-driven.
    • This toy is composed of high-quality, huggable short soft plush material, loaded with good and comfortable material that feels comfy and soft to the touch.
    • When you speak to the toy, it will echo everything you say in a cute voice.

    How To Use It?

    • Turn on the switch and start talking to it; it will begin to mimic you.
    • When not in use, turn the switch to the OFF position.
    • Press the left wing to hear it sing built-in tunes
    • Change the volume by pressing the right wing. 
    • Picking it up by the neck allows you to hear it quack and flutter its wings. The ON/OFF switch is located at the bottom. 


    1. The photo may not accurately represent the item's colour due to differences in displays. We promise that the style is the same as seen in the photos.
    2. Please allow for minor dimension variations due to human measurement differences.

    brand: Newwave
    Plush classification:short plush
    color:Smart patting gift bag
    Is it for foreign trade:no
    Modeling category:animal
    Is it multifunctional:yes
    Suitable age:Junior (7-14 years old)
    Whether the shape is cartoon or animation:no
    3C Configuration Category:Plush toys under the age of 14
    Is there a shopping guide video:no
    Whether cross-border export exclusive supply:yes
    animal classification:duck
    category:plush doll
    fill material:PP cotton
    Patent and copyright application time:none


    I love this store.
    Come here every Christmas to shop for my boys. Every toy so far has been a huge hit!

    Very funny games!
    We got both the newnova flying spinner and foosball winner! Loved them both, and made for great holiday game night with our cousins

    I hate shopping online but with covid we decided to try it out.
    Had nothing but great experiences so far with newwave. Really fun games that I've still never been able to find in store.


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