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    Creative Puzzle By NewWave

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    Creative Puzzles Toy


    Every day, a new activity is essential for developing interest in Montessori Toddlers, as standard learning themes quickly tire them. Remember that bachon ki Dunya includes a CREATIVE PUZZLE that will stimulate your child's attention, increase their creativity, and help them develop fine motor skills. These DIY drill set toys may help youngsters develop their hands-on skills while introducing them to the joys of disassembly and assembly.

    There are several accessories, such as squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, gears, screws, nuts, windmills, etc. Children may use numerous tools to make many unique forms ranging from 2D plane assembly to 3D three-dimensional assembly.

    These puzzles feature a unique gear design, and the gear set may run when the youngster cranks the handle. These puzzles have a high storage capacity and a portable design that makes them easy to transport. The buckle design can help to avoid accessory loss. Improve your child's ability to arrange and store things.

    This Creative Puzzles Toy is constructed of robust and durable ABS plastic that is non-toxic and suitable for children to play with. There are no burrs or sharp edges, giving youngsters a fun and safe game experience. The Puzzles Assembly DIY toy may increase children's hand-eye coordination and hands-on abilities, color and form awareness, intellect, and creativity.

    • Shape puzzles are an excellent approach to exercising a child's critical and logical thinking capabilities.
    • Making your designs helps infants develop spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and color and form identification abilities.
    • Because the material is non-toxic and safe for children's skin, they will enjoy playing with this imaginative puzzle.
    • This puzzle is appropriate for youngsters aged 3 to 6 years old. The game is of high quality and reasonably priced.


    Age Range

    5-7 Years,2-4 Years



    DIY Building Toys

    Kids Drill Toys


    Clever board/puzzle

    Plastic Type




    Creative Drilling Toy & Kids Screwdriver Toy Set:

    A toy screwdriver, a fun wrench, and a realistic electric drill are included in this creative puzzle set for youngsters! Observe their confidence increase as they learn to fasten, dismantle, and perform rewarding activities independently.

    Develop STEM Skills Early:

    creative puzzle toy 2022

    This puzzle set is ideal for giving your young engineer a STEM boost! Through play with STEM construction toys, each child improves their spatial awareness, logical problem solving, visualizing and planning, fine motor abilities, and hundreds of other critical cognitive skills!

    Perfect Boredom Busters:

    Keep this imaginative puzzle set in your boredom buster cabinet. Whenever your toddler says, "I'm bored," give them a creative puzzle set to play with for hours.

    Plastic Easy Storage Board:

    The Creative Puzzle Set has an easy plastic storage board, ideal for quick cleanup after creative creation and play.

    100% Child Safe Quality Guarantee:

    These puzzles have been confirmed free of lead and other dangerous materials. It is very safe for young hands and baby builders!


    Puzzles for Learning:

    Puzzles force you to think and learn in interesting ways. They drive you to rethink the idea that there is only one way to accomplish things and educate you to consider various alternatives. This gives you a far deeper understanding of any scenario and gets your "creative juices" flowing.

    Thinking Traps:

    creative puzzle toy for kids

    In puzzles, like in life, errors teach you more. Identifying which ways of thinking assist you find solutions is crucial. Many of the finest puzzles are designed to induce you into these thinking "traps."

    Positive Problem-Solving Strategies:

    You must not only avoid the traps set by puzzle writers but also have a variety of useful thinking processes if you are going to solve them.

    Puzzles are an excellent technique to boost confidence while improving patience, open-mindedness, and adaptability. It teaches you to solve difficulties strategically, energetically, and resiliently.

    Collaborate With Other People:

    creative puzzle toy

    Our brains build connections, and puzzles help us enhance our capacity to establish connections, identify patterns, and put things together. They also give an excellent opportunity to collaborate with others.

    How Can Puzzles Inspire Creative Thinking On Your Team?

    1. Learn how to look at things differently:

    Puzzles teach your brain how to focus on details, discover the significant ones and dismiss the unnecessary ones—certain forms or symbols, colors, and patterns may all be essential in puzzles.

    However, your brain must also consider the larger picture to form connections. After a while, you'll start seeing amazing details and connections everywhere and typical items in new ways.

    This approach is essential for viewing the world differently and thinking creatively. 

    2.Learn how to distract yourself from unlocking creativity:

    A large number of studies demonstrate that puzzles are beneficial to artists and other creatives who are stuck. Why? It focuses their attention on one item, freeing up the rest of their intellect, particularly the creative portion. Performing a problem stops people from thinking clearly.

    3. Learn how you think :

    Being conscious of how you think and solve issues is part of the process of using your creative thinking talents. This is known as "metacognition." By studying how you think about things, you may open your mind to new thinking methods and ideas.

    Puzzles force you to think metacognitively by testing your problem-solving abilities. Your brain must continually struggle to develop new ways of solving problems through trial and error, which might cause you to think in new ways.

    Even if you fail, you will learn from your mistakes so that when you face a new challenge, your brain will know where to begin thinking about it.

    4. Learn how to make decisions:

    Creativity requires a great deal of decision-making. To create anything new or establish a new concept, you must be sure of yourself and confident in your talents. This decision-making process can frequently be fraught with anxiety and uncertainty about how to proceed.

    Puzzles teach you to make judgments more swiftly and confidently. When completing puzzles, especially when time is of the essence, you must make several judgments in a short period.

    This increases your faith in your intuition and confidence in your decision-making abilities. Every time you fail, succeed, or progress, you learn more about yourself and acquire confidence.

    5. Learn how to share opinions and generate new ideas:

    Creativity is frequently a collaborative activity in teams. This entails a lot of research and thinking and expressing and adopting many views. Teams must be ready to share their ideas and develop new ones together.

    Solving problems in groups can encourage this form of shared creativity by encouraging team members to think collaboratively and openly. Teams must be willing to discuss how to address difficulties, or they will fail. Puzzles teach teams how to use and combine diverse skill sets.

    6. Learn how to cultivate a sense of curiosity:

    One of the most crucial aspects of creative thinking is a sense of wonder and curiosity about the universe. The environment is full of inspiration and individuality, but it requires a certain shift in behavior and mind to see and desire to notice it.

    Curiosity is a desire to explore the unknown and learn new things. This cannot be easy. We want to feel comfortable and secure in what we know and don't know. It might feel like a leap of faith to challenge ourselves to look at various sides of something, to luxuriate in complexity.

    Puzzles encourage you to investigate topics that appear weird at first, work through situations that appear difficult at first, and uncover abilities and skills you never knew you possessed inside. Puzzles will encourage you to accomplish great things by stimulating your sense of curiosity.


    Spark your child's creative side with this drill and screw puzzle creation set!

    Improves creativity, hand-eye coordination, and building skills!

    Ages: 3+



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