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    AirFish Swimmers

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    AirFish Swimmers

    AirFish Swimmers are a new toy fish that will frighten your friends and family. They are fantastic modern technology that lets you see big sharks and fish soaring through the air right in front of your eyes!

    AirFish Swimmers are huge helium balloons with remote-controlled tail fins that drive them through the air as if they were swimming in the sea. The remote allows you to raise and lower the 57-inch "balloons" in mid-air. 

    Each AirFish Swimmer comprises ultra-durable nylon, allowing it to float for weeks at a time. Its one-way valve makes filling, emptying, and refilling simple. A simple infrared remote with only two buttons (left/right and climb/dive) makes the operation simple for children aged 8 and higher.

    This is the most incredible radio-controlled device ever created! See how people react when you fly the Giant Sized Shark over your house or workplace. This will be fun for the whole family.

    The RC controller is simple and allows you to move the shark left, right, forward, and manipulate its fin and tail. The fish can turn in very small areas and may easily swim about your house or business because it is quite maneuverable. A crash is not an issue. The shark bounces off walls and other things, causing no harm.


    Naturally, this air swimmer will be a hit at any children's party. Furthermore, this shark will become a favorite trait of persons with a good sense of humor who can't spend a day without pulling a joke. Imagine how surprised your family or friends would be when such a predator casually glides into the living room to welcome and delight the guests.

    If you decide to play this prank on your bored-to-death coworkers, this hovering shark may diffuse tension and brighten things up in any office. 

    This RC toy will undoubtedly energize children's and adults' long-standing favorite holiday, Halloween.

    How does it work?

    It's simple: a 1.5-volt AAA-powered motor attaches to a little plastic pod on the bottom of the balloon, and the associated controller utilizes infrared reception to control the speed and navigation of the tail rudder. You're given a remote control, just like flying the Goodyear Blimp.

    Because the setup requires the installation and a helium tank, we recommend that an adult accompany youngsters for the first few attempts.

    Here are some examples of practical jokes:

    • A shark attack will wake up your younger sister.
    • Fly one into the room when your parents are watching a movie.
    • Pretend you're living in the water while having a video chat on SKYPE.





    Remote Control Functions

    Climb, descend, and tail fin control


    Up to 40 feet

    Air Fish Length (with tail)

    57 inches

    Air Height (with fins)

    36 inches


    William Mark Corp.

    Mfr's recommended min. Age


    Height (with fins)

    36 Inches

    Length (with tail)

    57 Inches

    Our recommended age range

    6+ with adult assembly



    Remote control distance

    10-15 meters

    Primary use

    Indoors only



    • Completely unassembled kit
    • Controller
    • 1x AAA battery
    • 1x 9V battery
    • Instructions


    • Helium, assembly


    Air Swimmer:

    Air Swimmers Fish swim in the air with wonderfully smooth and lifelike movements.

    Indoor Entertainment:

    These fantastic fish give hours of remote control indoor entertainment in even the smallest areas (not for outdoor use).

    Four AAA batteries:

    They only take four AAA batteries (one in the body and three in the controller) and feature complete up, down, and 360-degree rotating control.

    Simple to Apply:

    Fill your Air Swimmers with helium gas from any party store, floral shop, or grocery store, or get a helium canister from your local store and refill it as needed.

    Nylon Material:

    The body is constructed of a high-quality, long-lasting nylon material that will keep you inflated for weeks! You may keep filling it up. Remote control has never been more wonderful.

    Ideal for Parties:

    This toy is ideal for play in schools, theme parties, amusement parks, houses, and hotels.  

    How do you inflate an air swimmer?

    To inflate your balloon, fill it off with extra helium or blow air into it via the valve using a tiny drinking straw. If the straw is inserted more than an inch into the valve, the balloon may begin to collapse. Remember that putting air into the balloon will diminish the already-present helium.

    How long do air swimmers last?

    An Airfish Swimmer that is completely inflated will last around 2-3 weeks. However, by placing a straw into the valve and pumping some air into it, you may easily extend its lifespan for another week.



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