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    NewWave™ Aero Princess

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    The NewWave™ Aero Princess our most popular toy for girls in 2022

    Let's have fun with Aero princess! The flying princess doll is ideal for any event or celebration like birthdays, Christmas, Holidays, Easter, and any other event gift for children. It is appropriate for interactive play in an open, windless indoor environment. It detects surrounding objects and is programmed to move away from them since it is motion-sensitive. The goal is to launch it and then maintain your hand below it to keep it aloft. It constantly recognizes and moves away from your hand. You will enjoy this entertaining and fantastic method with your children and family.

    The aero princess is a toy helicopter with a plastic fairy body that may be used indoors. It is approximately 5 by 7.5 by 11 inches in size (HWD). The helicopter's blades are the fluttering panels of her garment. The aero princess doll is meticulously constructed from head to toe with children in mind. It includes vibrant colors and a wonderfully painted face, body, arms, legs, and shoes. The delicate wings and balancing beams are highly flexible and resistant.

    When it detects an object below, it floats above, and your children may continue to fly it with their hands. It is a captivating and fascinating toy for your children that will keep them occupied for hours. It's entertaining to play with and fantastic for family bonding.

    Turn it on and let the princess fly. Pop the dress off and change it into Fairy Princess Dress to impress your friends with your fashion sense! Comes with detachable propeller guard to protect the remote controller device when not in use. 

    Little girls can easily maneuver this drone around the room to mimic the look of a real fairy! With bright LEDs for eyes, this bright white drone will stun everyone, even if they are watching it fly from miles away. No circuitry experience is required, simply turn it on and let the princess fly. It's fully controlled with your hands.





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    Fabulous Fairy Tale World:

    These dolls can fly, and they now even light up the sky! You can magically control her elegant flight as she glides over your palm.

    Best Gift:

    This fairy's lovely gown is now decorated with a brilliant display of magical rainbow light. Give your a slight whirl to witness rainbow lights and twirling skirts! It is an ideal present for any female! You'll enjoy it at first glance!

    Easy to Operate:

    Open the fly Fairy switch, grasp the flying fairy legs in your palm, and the Fairy rotation will leave your hand! Flying fairies began as a low-speed spin; following takeoff, the speed would reach a specific lift. After taking off with the fairies, a certain height in the air will drop, and then the sensor will climb from the reach.

    Shining Fairies:

    This aero princess has bright LED lights, and you can see the aircraft's position during a night operation, reducing aircraft damage caused by collisions with structures.

    Convenient and Portable:

    This device is modest in size and comes with a little remote. It is accessible to transport and store.

    Smart Induction Flight:

    It has innovative LED infrared sensor hover technology that makes it motion-sensitive, detecting objects below and moving away from them. Your kid may magically control the flying fairy as she hovers up from her palm.

    Dazzling LED Light:

    When the flying fairy is turned on, the LED lights flash brilliantly. While your kid plays with the flying fairy in the darkened room, the colorful light offers a beautiful experience for her.

    Safety Powercut:

    If the flying fairy collides with something, the power will be removed to halt the spinning wings and beams. This assures your children's safety when playing with the flying toy. To continue, turn the switch off and on again.

    USB Rechargeable:

    Disposable batteries are bad for the environment. The aero princess doll includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can quickly recharge it using any USB source and use it again and again.


    • It is a doll that works on batteries that are easily chargeable for prolonged fun!
    • Infrared technology keeps the fairy flying above your hand and not falling unless you want it to.
    • It is straightforward and fun to use! Hold the doll's legs for a few seconds to reach the balance and let go. Once the fairy doll starts falling, just put your hand underneath it, and it will start flying again automatically.
    • This flying fairy will keep your little princess amused for hours! Be the cause of her happiness!


    How To Use Aero Princess?

    Please follow the instructions given below :

    1. Charge the Flying Fairy Princess Doll for around half an hour using the USB charger.
    2. Hold the Flying Fairy Princess Doll straight in your hand, upright, and turn it on.
    3. Take your hand away from the bottom of the toy and release it.
    4. If the toy falls to the ground, place your hand beneath it at a safe distance, and the sensors will propel the toy into the air.
    5. Keep in mind that it operates on sensors and responds to your hand but not to objects. It may be hit by anything in its path, but it will fly away if you place your hand below the toy at a distance.
    • Charging Time: 20-30 Minutes
    • Capable Of Flying: For 8-15 Minutes Up To A Height Of 10 Meters
    • Infrared Sensor Hover Technology


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