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    Ocean Projector Night Lamp

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    Ocean Projector Lamp

    This night lamp will keep you relaxed and stress-free leaving you to sail away on a wave of complete tranquility with no delay. 

    It is a fantastic ocean wave projector for ocean lovers, complete with distinctive night light bulb decorations. The remote control is highly adaptable with eight timer lighting modes and a pleasant music speaker. Boys' rooms, teen rooms, and children's bedrooms will be brilliantly illuminated, creating a romantic environment. The touch sensor keys eliminate the need for moving parts and boost reliability.

    It is a high-quality wave projector that is patent-protected. And, if you're wondering about the speed and colors, you have complete control over them. You are free to raise or reduce and adjust them as you see fit. Furthermore, the brightness is enough within a lovely tone, adding to the enchantment.

    It can be used in restrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas. Recreate the glittering sea at any time, a beautiful natural beauty that allows you to feel as if you are immersed in the deep sea. This ocean wave projector aids in the creation of a romantic, leisurely, and comfortable mood in the room, resulting in physical and mental relaxation.

    It is also a little stereo, allowing you to appreciate the gorgeous surroundings and the fantastic music!

    GOT KIDS? Perfect sleeping companion for kids who have hard time sleeping at night. Turn on this soothing ocean waves projector with some tunes & watch the magic happens...



    -SOOTHING & RELAXING - Immerse in the calm and the sea, embrace peace, creating a romantic, leisure and cozy atmosphere of the space to achieve physical and mental relaxation effect.

    -UNIQUE & VERSATILE - Perfect for creating a watery ocean atmosphere. It can be apply to bathrooms, living room, or any other space.

    - PERFECT GIFT IDEAS - Perfect gift for family and friends who love tranquility ocean wave brings or can benefit from its calming effect.

    - Adjustable protection angle - The light will fill the whole ceiling in your bedroom with magnificent waves of lightning aura. You cover those magnificent lights with a 45-degree slant on the entire wall or in any direction you like. This method is incredibly adaptable and conquers like a magnificent northern light.

    - Two Projection Effects Combination - This ocean projection lamp is an updated version of the projection lamp that combines the dual lighting effects of the ocean wave projection lamp and the ocean animal pattern projection lamp. The combination of the two projectors creates a 3D ocean stereo illusion, allowing you and your kid to swim in the ocean environment. It can promote children's interest, imagination, and creativity.

    - 6 Kinds Of Theme Projection Patterns -The ocean wave projector night light offers six different projection atmosphere patterns, including Jellyfish, Birthday, Dolphins, Clown Fish, Starry Sky, and Fairy Deer.

    This night lamp also called the kids' bedroom night lamp, brings the bedroom full of theme patterns and is suitable for your kid's sleep.

    - 360 Degree Rotating And 6 Color Projection - Our kid's ocean projector night lamp features a newly built silent motor that rotates the projection 360 degrees.

    - Convenient USB Power Way - Our children's night light projector is powered by a USB cable (included), which is compatible with laptop USB interfaces, power banks, and all USB sockets. This night light projector for kids is portable and may be used to decorate your bedroom, living area, or festival celebrations. We will appreciate the magnificent exhibition of this projector light in the dark, and it will refresh your mood.

    - Ideal Gifts Choice - This kid's night light projector is not just a bedroom night light; our projector for the bedroom is ideal as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, and valentine's day gifts for kids, friends, families, and lovers.

    The kid's night light creates a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere that gives your friends and families impressive holiday gifts.


    The Latest Upgraded Ocean Wave Projector Night Light is a Hypnotic Music Lamp, Atmospheric *Projector & Sound Device all at once. * 12 LED Beads *Smart Design, Built in speaker, enjoy your favorite *songs while watching beautiful Ocean Waves *Package includes: Projector Lamp, Power Cord & Plug, Audio Cable.

    Color mode



    10.6 ounces



    Package Includes

    Projector lamp, Power cord, plug, Audio cable



    • It provides a relaxing, romantic, and cozy atmosphere.
    • It transports you to an imaginary seaside.
    • It automatically powers off at the preset time.
    • Multiple color changes provide a soothing atmosphere.
    • This projector provides an underwater effect.
    • You can control the projector head manually and automatically.
    • This ocean projector works hard for children's sleep
    • The ocean floor projector is appropriate for a birthday, party, wedding, room décor, children's day, Christmas, and anniversary gifts, among other occasions.
    • It produces a beautiful ocean atmosphere, which helps develop children's curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

    How To Use Ocean Projector Night Lamp?

    A light and sound projector will be utilized as a nightlight, which I feel may be used everywhere. The incredible lighting elements will not be fully utilized until the ceiling is black and pointed. Now the issue is, how will we put it to use?

    • A power cord with a remote and an audio jack to plug into the rear are included.
    • You may use your cellphone for extra music and connect it through the projector's more outstanding speaker quality.
    • They'll say TF, which stands for SD card. For whatever reason, the TF is an archaic manner of labeling them. You can put your music on the micro SD card in the slot. Then the speaker will play the music charmingly.
    • If you have an adapter, use it; otherwise, use your computer.
    • Then, using the remote, activate the projector. You'll see blue buttons that indicate the timer mode. Set your desired time there.
    • It will start at the time you choose and then switch off. Since it has varied techniques, you can employ a childlike approach to lullaby songs for your children.
    • Then, rotate the head to the ceiling, which will cast a lovely reflection around the room.
    • You may use the sound without the light, the light without the sound, or even both.
    • Be prepared with AAA batteries, which are required for your wave projector to work correctly.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the operation of an ocean wave projector?

    After putting in the USB connector, an ocean wave projector illuminates the space with soothing lights. The lights stay on until you turn them off. You may also set a timer, and it will turn off automatically. If you wish, you may listen to your favorite music using a Bluetooth speaker, phone, or PC with a TF card.

    What Is the Function of an Ocean Wave Projector Light?

    Ocean wave projectors often generate light using a straightforward technique. A wave generator holds a circular or cylindrical container stable in a water-filled environment. The container forms a vortex in the water, trapping air.

    When air is trapped, it exerts pressure on the container's sides, pushing them forward. This movement causes the water to move outward, forming a tiny pocket of air trapped by the following water molecule. The procedure is repeated until a vortex forms inside the container.

    Is the light emitted by an ocean wave projector harmful?

    No, the light from the Ocean Wave Projector is entirely safe. It has a delicate white tone that is not irritating to the eyes.

    Which Ocean Wave Projector light is the best?

    Our Ocean Wave Night Light Projector comes highly recommended. They are excellent choices for small pools and are incredibly durable. The Wave is a suitable alternative if you don't have ample pool space and want to spend less money.

    What are the benefits of an ocean wave night light projector?

    One of the ocean wave projector's essential qualities is its ability to create an ideal mood for spiritual or disco-like environments. Again, the projector's dynamic rotation with built-in music contributes significantly to the beautiful highlighting. The remote control allows you to control and instantly alter the speed, volume, and brightness.

    Where Can You Find the Best Ocean Wave Projector?

    When looking for the best ocean wave projector, make sure it has ambient lighting.


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