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    Crazy Magnetic Thinking Putty

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    Magnetic Thinking Putty


    Magnetic Thinking Putty takes ordinary "silly" Putty and pushes it up to 11. It can be stretched, bounced, molded, popped, and ripped like any other putty. When this Putty is exposed to a magnetic field, it shows interesting features.

    Each handful of Magnetic Thinking Putty contains millions of tiny micron-sized magnets. You can control the Puttylike a snake charmer by using the supplied super-strong ceramic magnet. Alternatively, "charge" the blob of Putty so that it may act as its magnet, picking up little tacks and paperclips.


    Dimensions (metal container)

    4" diameter x 1.375" tall

    Putty weight

    3.2 ounces



    Made in



    Strong Ceramic Magnet



    Attracting Properties:

    Magnetic Thinking Putty contains millions of magnetic particles, one-millionth of a meter in size. Magnetic Thinking Putty's unique attraction characteristics are due to these particles.

    You can pull the putty tendrils in all directions with the provided magnet. It's a lot of fun!

    Use the included ceramic magnet to control tendrils of your Magnetic Thinking Putty like a snake charmer.

    You Can Bounce It, Stretch It, And Tear It:

    While Magnetic Thinking Putty is a more advanced version of conventional Putty, it can still do all of the "typical" putty activities. You can bounce, stretch, and tear it, all of which are great fun.

    Bounce, stretch, and tear Magnetic Thinking Putty like any other "normal" putty.

    Picks Up Paperclips And Tacks:

    Holding the provided ceramic magnet near the Magnetic Thinking Putty will charge it magnetically. After that, you may pick up magnetized objects or magnetize non-magnetic stuff. It's quite awesome.


    Use the included magnet to "charge" your putty and it too will turn into a magnet.

    Engulfs Entire Magnet:

    Playing with magnets is simply enjoyable. Objects appear to "jump" or snap by themselves. Magnetic Thinking Putty's sluggish movement, paired with its magnetic, gives it a horror film-like feel. It's simply crazy.

    When a big clump of Magnetic Thinking Putty is placed next to the accompanying ceramic magnet, it will gradually enclose the entire magnet. The Putty will physically eat the magnet and lift it off the surface. Amazing!

    It's worth noting that recovering the "eaten" magnet is simple. Dig inside the Putty and take it out.

    A handful of Magnetic Thinking Putty will literally ingest a magnet like The Blob.

    Kills Boredom, Magnet Included:

    Magnetic Thinking Putty is a stretchy, bouncy, moldable, tearable, magnetic, and interesting toy.

    But it wouldn't be a terrific present if it wasn't ready to use straight away. As a result, each order of Magnetic Thinking Putty comes in a metal tin with a super-strong ceramic magnet. So, this is the time to purchase, buy, buy!


    A super-strong ceramic magnet is included with the Magnetic Thinking Putty.

    Choose from four styles:

    This crazy magnetic Putty is available in black, silver, pink, and blue! As you may buy any style.

    Choose between four different colors of Magnetic Thinking Putty.

    Don't Try This At Home Without Safety Goggles:

    You can smash magnetic Thinking Putty into hundreds of pieces with a hammer. Awesome!

    How does this function? The Putty acts like different materials when force is exerted at different intervals.

    It behaves like a liquid over lengthy periods (spreading slowly). You may rip it in short bursts of time. When struck with a hammer, it behaves like a solid and shatters. You may collect all the bits in a broad clean area and continue using the Putty as if nothing had occurred. It's insanely cool.

    You should, however, use protective eyewear and heavy clothes. The putty fragments will fly at high speeds and may strike your eye out. If this happens, don't say we didn't alert you.

    Magnetic Thinking Putty can be smashed to bits with a hammer and reconstituted! Amazing.


    • Magnetic Putty is great for kids.
    • Magnetic Putty has a super soft texture.
    • It can stick and stains anything it touches.
    • It is not slime, so the texture is different.
    • Along with children, magnetic Putty is also fun for adults.
    • You can make it into so many shapes.
    • It never dries out and is always ready to play with.

    Why do Kids Love Crazy Magnetic Thinking Putty?

    Apart from being entertaining to play with, magnetic thinking Putty offers several advantages for child development:

    Boost Attention - Putty playdates help to increase attention by stimulating sensory awareness.

    Lower Anxiety - Playing with Putty is like a stress ball; it may be calming.

    Encourages creativity - Youngsters will spend several hours playing with the Putty and shaping it into various forms.

    Is MagneticThinking Putty non-toxic?

    Yes, Thinking Putty is non-toxic and safe for children. Every year, we conduct hundreds of safety checks and employ the most demanding testing procedure to ensure that our Putty is not only enjoyable but also safe to use. We do not suggest Thinking Putty for children under three since it is a choking danger.

    How do you clean Thinking Putty out clothes, fabric, and carpet?

    Undoubtedly, that occurs to every one of us at some point. Have you ever sat on your Thinking Putty by accident? Have you discovered the dreadful lump of Putty in your children's hair? ‚ÄĒ Putty is a potent instrument that both good and bad powers may use.

    Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true methods for cleaning Thinking Putty from hair, clothes, and other materials.

    1.     If the Putty enmeshed itself into the pores in the fabric like blue jeans:

    • First, scrape away as much Putty as possible from the surfaces.
    • You don't have to go wild scraping away, but you also don't want a thick blob stuck to your clothes.
    • Remember that Putty adheres extremely nicely to Putty.
    • Pick away the remaining Putty using a little lump you've scraped off.
    • We'll liquify the Putty, and the less we have to wipe away, the less mess we'll make.

    2.     If the affected clothes are a natural fabric like cotton, linen, wool, or hair:

    • Purchase 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol from your local drugstore or grocery shop.
    • Place the garments over the sink and gently apply rubbing alcohol to the discoloration.
    • Massage the rubbing alcohol into the Putty with a paper towel or washcloth.
    • It would be best to immediately observe the Thinking Putty liquifying and migrating away from the cloth.
    • You should be able to peel out Putty bits that have been released from the cloth as you mix in the rubbing alcohol.

    After the Putty is cleaned, the cloth may still have a tiny discoloration. This is the pigment used to tint the Thinking, Putty. A fast run in the washer easily remedies this. If you pre-treat the pigment with liquid detergent, it should wash straight away.

    3.     Synthetic fabrics pose more of a challenge:

    The rubbing alcohol we used before will damage synthetic textiles, gradually consuming them. Instead, spray the stain with WD-40 and let it set for a few minutes after eliminating as much Putty as possible. The leftover Putty should soften and loosen as a result of this. Using a paper towel, rub and dab the Putty.

    If the Thinking Putty continues to stain the cloth, dab a piece of paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe the stain.

    4.     If nothing else will work, you need to take them to the experts:

    Drop off the items at the dry cleaners and inform them that the discoloration is "silicone-based." They might be able to aid you with their hidden abilities.


    Presenting to you the mind blowing magnetic thinking putty. Not available in stores. Ships within 24 hours!

    Choose from a variety of colors, even your favorite! This popular toy is definitely on your kids wishlist!



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