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    14:1 F1 Formula one Kits By NewWave®

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    The Ferrari F1 kit is a 1:14 Scale Model to the REAL F1 Car! This kit comes with with 1,072 pieces and an adjustable front splitter and rear wing! All Decals and Instructions are included with every kit!

    Children may now play with the ultra-fast, luxury vehicles of their dreams, thanks to Formula 1 Ferrari Kits. Children as young as ten can easily assemble Formula 1 Ferrari kits, a building kit with 362 components made primarily of metal to create their own Formula 1 Ferrari. It is a building game that allows players to use their ideas and creativity in combination with other metal components to build unique automobile models.

    For Christmas, a birthday, or to make someone happy, this Ferrari Formula 1 building set is the perfect present. No youngster can stay insensitive to the elegance of these automobiles at high speeds, whether they are Formula 1 fans or not. The red Ferrari Formula 1 vehicles are arguably the most well-known of the circuits because of the great Michael Schumacher, who made them renowned in the sporting world. Children may build a Formula 1 Ferrari with this kit, which includes 362 metal components, two simple tools, and assembly instructions.

    Allow yourself to be guided and build a replica of the Ferrari Formula 1 from red metal. Find the yellow Pirelli tire and sponsors' logos on the front of your Formula 1 car kit for complete realism, such as Shell and Kapersky.

    This will enable kids to create their toys, giving them more pride when they use them. With the help of the fully functioning wheel steering, they will also be able to design their own Formula 1 track, begin the race, grab the wheel of their red car, and handle the curves like experts.


    Formula One Kits


    f1 model kits


    • The Power F1 is a 1:14 Scale Model to the real F1 Car
    • 1,100 pieces with an adjustable front splitter and rear wing
    • All Decals and Instructions will be included with every kit!
    Formula One f1 car models. Plastic kitsF1 ULTRA formula car kit 1/10 f1ultra


    Article weight
    426 g
    Product dimensions (L x W x H)
    6 x 40 x 25.1 cm
    Manufacturer's age recommendation
    8 years
    French, English
    Metal and plastic
    Do-it-yourself product
    Control Method
    Red, Random Color



    It features a beautiful shelf model that will delight fans much and an excellent robust structure.

    F1 Kit Boxes:

    A tear-off strip has been added to F1 kit boxes to prevent stealing from boxes. It is strong and able to seal tightly; it is good to have around for spare parts and disassembled models.

    Fi Kit Parts:

    This kit has a surprisingly large number of small components. Even though the build is supposed to take 1-3 hours, you can see as soon as you open it that it will take longer than expected; with 325 pieces, if you finish in less than two hours, congratulations.

    Brilliant Skills Supporting Toy:

    As your child constructs the F1 kits from New Wave, they learn about arithmetic and engineering. Once they have a model vehicle, they can think about physics. Using basic tools improves manual dexterity and hand strength and provides skills for life.

    Easy to Assemble:

    A simple kit for making remote-control cars for beginners - This Ferrari F1 remote-control vehicle toy is much simpler for kids, children, and adults to start a DIY pastime as a constructing fresh starter than LEGO model car kits, which require hundreds or even thousands of parts.

    Educational STEM learning toy: 

    Ferrari F1 Model kit unassembled model car kits are available to make construction simpler and more enjoyable, so inspire your child's imagination. It aids in the improvement of children's hand-eye coordination, attention training, and problem-solving abilities.

    Spend precious time with your little sweetheart using this outdoor and indoor adaptable vehicle kit. It's the ideal pastime for parent-child connection.

    Perfect Gift:

    Formula one model car kits, an accurate reproduction of the genuine automobile, is the ideal addition to any adult or teen's collection of cars. It may be played with or used for display. It's the perfect present for a birthday, Christmas, or special occasion.

    Other Benefits 

    • This is a particularly satisfying model since it looks beautiful the entire time you build it, and you can see the Ferrari's sleek lines and shape.
    • The colors also have a distinct quality that makes them particularly effective.
    • The F1 Ferrari is a fantastic kit that rewards construction and yields a playable, strong model.
    • The completed replica even includes steerable wheels to achieve your Ferrari podium shot's ideal perspective.


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