The Uzzle Drinking Edition (Ages 21+)

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Are your friends are boring? Need more excitement in your life or an excuse to get drunk before dinner?

The Uzzle Drinking Edition is the perfect solution for exciting and hilarious game nights with friends, family, and strangers! You get 100 cards packed with dares, challenges, and polls (‘Vote on who will quit first’). It will be like reliving your college years - only you won't have to pay for it!

Get your friends together and play this hilarious game!

Warning: the next morning might be tough - but the memories will be everlasting!

* It will be most fun if you also have the Uzzle base game. But, it's still super fun with just the cards!

Disclaimer: This is for ages 21+. We do not condone excessive drinking and sincerely ask that you drink responsibly. By purchasing this product you agree to the full disclaimer stated here on this link: Legal Disclaimer