The Uzzle 2.0

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Compete With Family & Friends! Who Will Be The Best?

The Uzzle 2.0 our most competitive and challenging game yet!

What are the changes?

  • 100 New Puzzles 
  • 2X Bigger Blocks
  • 4 Levels. (Level 1 will be slightly easier for young kids while level 4 is more challenging for advanced players)

4 Levels Of Difficulty

The 100 playing cards are divided equally into 4 levels of difficulty. Level 1 is great for young kids to learn and gradually work up to the adult levels (Levels 2-4)


Includes: 4 sets of 10 blocks, 100 unique challenges, 4 difficulty levels (25 cards per level), manual, & can be played with the Uzzle drinking edition cards

Age: 4+

Players: 1-4 (Unlimited players if you get extra sets of blocks)

Game Play Length: 10-20 minutes

Material: high-quality plastic